By Jordan Gore

Beginning in Los Angeles, they took their love global, dated all over the world, and wrapped it all up with a romantic proposal in the Dominican Republic before starting their public life together in Atlanta.
Expectations are high for The Bachelorette couple’s nuptials. A California wedding seems more predictable than Andi picking Josh in the first place BUT here is why The Bachelorette couple should reconsider and tie the knot in Athens, Georgia.

josh andi engaged

Photo: ABC

1. Athens is a great place to have a bachelor party (if the 10 week long one you already had wasn’t enough!)

2. You could reminisce on your date in Marseille with some French food at Etienne Bistro, but my personal preference would be to enjoy feta French fries from The Grill. The people-watching is just as good as in France, especially if you go after midnight.

3. You can relive your group date by singing a little Boyz II Men at Shokitini. Don’t worry, Andi, no dancing is required. NATHAN MORRIS OF BOYZ II MEN, CODY, BRADLEY, ANDI DORFMAN, JOSH M., ANDREW, TASOS

Photo: Reality Rewind

4. All the red roses (courtesy of Flowerland) you could ever want for the guests at your wedding. You get a rose! You get a rose! Everyone gets a rose! (Nick V. is not invited, obviously.)

5. You wouldn’t have to think twice about your photographer. Since Blane Marable has photographed the Murray’s before, he knows what angle Josh’s hair looks best from (although Josh’s favorite angle is anything he sees in the mirror.)

6. As home of the Dawgs, the whole community would welcome Sabel as a mascot, a family member, and a ring bearer. Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.35.49 PM

Photo: Andi Dorfman’s Instagram @andi_dorfman

7. All the bars in Athens have more celebration booze for a post-wedding party than the Bachelor in Paradise Mansion. Dress code: no scarves allowed.

8. Although it’s not a ‘fantasy suite’ in the Dominican Republic, the presidential suite at Hotel Indigo is the perfect place for the newlyweds to stay. And if that’s not okay, just rent the whole hotel. ABC is paying, right?

9. And if after all that you still need convincing, there is a reason Athens is called the Classic City. It is the perfect place to invite your closest friends and family (and all bachelor cast members from the past 28 seasons and everyone watching national television) to celebrate the start of your life together. There is no place like Athens, and there is no better city to officially become ‘the Murrays’. #geauxdawgs

Jordan Gore is a Magazine Journalism Major at the University of Georgia. She enjoys blogging, spending time at the beach, and reality television. Follow her Bachelor commentary on twitter @jordanbgore and follow her personal blog at

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