The time has come to pop the question but first, you need a ring to put on her finger. With hundreds of cuts, designers, and bands, how do you find the ring that will take her breath away?

1. Consult the Experts

Does your bride-to-be have a sister or friend that knows all the ins and outs of your bride’s life or her relationship with you? What was once annoying can now be your saving grace. Chances are they’ve had in-depth conversations about everything for the inevitable big day. Cozy up and get the details!

2. Visit Her Past

Check with her college roommate. There is a strong possibility that the two of them spent many nights in their dorm room eating cookie dough and talking about their ideal man (you) and their dream wedding. She might have some insight or a secret group message that will lead you to the perfect ring.

3. Mother Knows Best

If the two are close, there’s a chance your bride would love a ring just like her mothers. So sentimental! Mom would know exactly what direction to steer you in.

4. Be Pinterested

If you guys are serious and have been for a while, there is a strong possibility that she has been pinning her dream wedding venue, dress, and ring for months now. Make a fake account or find a way to look at hers and take notes. Just don’t look too long at the dresses. It’s bad luck!

5. Let Her Show You What She Wants

If your girlfriend isn’t big on surprises, she might want to pick out her ring herself. After all, she will be wearing it for the rest of her life. Stumble into a jewelry store and see where her eyes wander. You could even say you’re shopping for your mother’s birthday but she’s sure to give you some hints.

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Photography: Kaitlyn Fellows


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