Your wedding is the most magical day of your life, but it can be everything you’ve dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Here are some easy tips on how to save money on your perfect wedding day.

1) Have a daytime wedding


Facility rental fees are usually cheaper during the day as compared to nighttime. Also, brunch foods cost less than dinner courses.

2) Find a naturally floral venue

Save money on floral arrangements and decorations and opt for parks, botanical gardens, and courtyards as your venues.

3) Display photo centerpieces instead of flowers

You can buy or make your own picture frames. Display your engagement photos or even your relatives’ wedding pictures for a cute, cheaper alternative to expensive floral arrangements.

4) Hire one person to take both your videos and pictures

It will save you money if you can find one person that is skilled in both videography and photography. You can even look into nearby film schools to see if you can hire skilled students.

5) Paperless Invitations

There are several websites and apps to make elegant paperless invitations. You’ll save money on stamps, envelopes, and the expensive cost of custom invitations.

6) Look at trunk shows for your wedding dress


At trunk shows, large selections of designer gowns are often displayed. What’s even better is that designers will usually waive customization and rush fees, and discounts are usually given if you buy it that day!

7) One day bachelorette party

Don’t waste money on flights and hotels for a weekend bachelorette party. You can have fun in just one day! Start with manicures, have a picnic, go to dinner, and then go out on the town!

8) Buy party favors in bulk


You can find wholesale wedding favors (i.e. candy, bottle openers, journals, matches, sunglasses, etc.) online and then just assemble the gift bags yourself.

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Photography: Kaitlyn Fellows

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