Southern weddings always come with a special charm. There’s always an element of fairy-tale mixed with simple elegance. This guide is here to outline the must-haves of a perfect southern wedding.

The Big Picture

We’re talking venue – think a big, open, wooden space. This could be an old barn, a vintage-looking space with high ceilings, or even a large tent set up in an open field. No matter how many decorations you have, the actual venue is what sets the tone of your wedding.

When choosing a location, pick somewhere that feels warm and welcoming – two key elements of the sweet reputation of the south. You want your guest to feel like they’re at home, all while experiencing southern charm.

Details, Details, Details

While the venue is very important, your decorations are crucial in getting across the southern theme. It almost goes without saying that mason jars are a must – fill them with flowers, tulle, fairy lights; anything goes.

On the note of fairy lights, drape them around the entire venue. They do a great job of continuing the warm vibe you want your southern wedding to have. Some other details to consider are chalkboards, shimmery pastels and golds, and wooden signs.

The Ceremony and Reception

Set the tone of your ceremony by bringing southern details into the setup – line the aisles with tulle and lace, hang mason jars filled with flowers from the end chairs. And then there’s the dress: any incorporation of lace or a big, flowy skirt is a go.

For the reception, you want the southern charm to overwhelm your guests, in a good way. Use a folk band with a Mumford and Sons sound to really set the tone, and, of course, you can’t stay away from classic country music. A big, white, elegant cake is also a must.

The Sendoff

Sparklers, floating lanterns, candle-lit walkway. Make your sendoff big and bold, just like the south. Just as the entire day has gone, this should be graceful and filled with the fairytale magic you can find in every southern wedding.

With all these essentials, your wedding should be as southern as sweet tea.

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Photography: Kaitlyn Fellows

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