Why do southern weddings seem to stick out from all the other weddings around the country? What makes them different? Every southern bride is tied to the South in some way, shape or form, and her wedding reflects it. There’s meaning behind every decision she makes because the South is her home. From the flowers to the food and location, a southern wedding conveys a sense of home.

The flowers a bride chooses for her bouquet, ceremony and reception each have a meaning other than beauty. Magnolias from the tree she used to climb, hydrangeas like the ones her Grandma grew, or roses like her father used to give her, each hold a different memory.

Food is what brings people together in the South. Weddings are no exception. Whether it’s the bride’s favorite pecan or apple pie as dessert or a crowd-pleasing biscuit bar, the food symbolizes a bride and groom’s personalities and relationship with the South.

The location of a wedding in the South can be the most important decision for a bride and groom. A couple may choose to have an outdoors wedding at a venue that has meaning to both the bride and groom, such as: a college campus, nearby plantation, or church from home.

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Photography: Kaitlyn Fellows

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