(Agata and Matthew’s weddingBlane Marable Photography)

If you’re newly engaged or just starting the wedding planning process, figuring out what you want for your wedding can be a daunting task and one of the first things you have to decide is how big of a wedding do you want. They say that bigger is better, yet sometimes a smaller, more intimate arrangement might be just what you’re looking for when tying the knot.

1. The Little Things

Blane Marable Photography

(Blake and Cassie’s wedding- Blane Marable Photography)

When putting on a smaller event, you can really hone in on the little details and add a lot of personal touches. Whether it is handcrafted decor or DIY favors, these tiny details can really make your wedding unique.

2. Meaningful Memories (with the Right People)

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(Taylor and Jessie’s wedding– Blane Marable Photography)

Weddings are rare occasions where even the most distant family members are brought together, yet sometimes being a little more selective with the guest list can be beneficial. Instead of viewing this as a way of excluding certain individuals from attending your event, use your wedding as a way to really be intentional with every invitation sent out– who are the people you really want to cherish this special day with?

3. A Smaller Price Tag Never Hurts

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(Liz and Derek’s weddingBlane Marable Photography)

Let’s be real– the fewer the guests, the smaller the bill. Because a wedding is such an investment, really be conscientious of the guest count and how this relates to the overall price. Everything from the venue to the caterer depends on on the number of guests you invite, so the smaller the number of guests, the smaller price you will have to pay, and the more money you have for a honeymoon or starter home together!

4. Less Small Talk

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(Lindsey and Jason’s wedding- Blane Marable Photography)

Many couples value the idea of chatting with each guest a bit throughout the night to show their appreciation for having that person present, but this can be quite the endeavor when the guest count appears to be never ending. Less small talk and more dancing is ideal, so inviting people you are comfortable and close with is never a bad idea.

5. Intimate Setting All Around

Blane Marable Photography

(Cara and Cameron’s weddingBlane Marable Photography)

It is more comforting to be in a room with your dearest friends and this is certainly the case on your wedding day. Having your favorite people all gathered around to celebrate your day is something unforgettable. The venue can be small, have less tables, more room for dancing,  and you will really have more time to truly notice and appreciate all the guests present. Some even opt for a small wedding consisting solely of the bride, groom, and a minister. If this is for you, like it was foor Cara and Cameron who got married Between the Hedges at Sanford Stadium in Athens, then it can be truly special.

[P.S. Secret #6: LESS THANK YOU NOTES (a fun fact we can all secretly appreciate)]

With all of this being said, do not forget the counter options. Big weddings definitely have their up sides as well. Us crazy crafters enjoy mass producing all of the Pinterest projects we’ve been planning on for years, some of us cherish too many people to exclude someone from a guest list, and a wedding is already ridiculously expensive, so go big or go home, right? There is nothing wrong with catching up with a distant relative, and sometimes nothing feels more special than knowing there are hundreds of people all there for you on your big day. (And of course in regards to secret #6, I personally love thank you notes.)

Large and small weddings are both charming in their own ways, and ideally it all depends on the couple and their main desires for their wedding day. Planning such a major event can really help couples prioritize what is important, and I encourage you all to get a feel for what you’re really looking for on your wedding day!

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