Deciding to have a DJ or a live band is a huge decision for your Athens wedding reception. It sets an important tone for your reception and they control the flow of the reception altogether. Here are some pros and cons to aid in your decision:

Live Band Couple

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Band Pros:

  • Song customization to mention bride, groom, town, year, etc.
  • Provides visual entertainment
  • Live performance gives crowd energy
  • Good for dancers and non-dancers
  • Easy to change tempo
  • More unique experience

Band Cons:

  • More expensive
  • Equipment takes space
  • Can overwhelm a small venue
  • Able to accomplish limited number of genres
  • Mood lulls when band breaks


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DJ Pros:

  • Varied music/genre selection
  • Original artist of music
  • Song requests
  • Limited space needed
  • Cheaper
  • No breaks

DJ Cons:

  • Less entertaining for non-dancers
  • DJ personality can kill mood/be too much
  • Harder to change tempo

Parents Dancing

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There are important factors that play into the DJ/Band dilemma aside from these basics too. Where will your Athens wedding be? What kind of space are you working with—which do you have room for? What is your budget and how does this expense fit into that budget? Are you more concerned with a unique experience or music variety? Is there a good band/DJ available to you that fits the specifics you are looking for?

There are a lot of questions to ask before making your final decision, so make your choice wisely! Do what suits you as a couple and the mood of your wedding best.


Here are some links to great Athens Bands and DJs:


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Cold Draft Beer!Cold-Draft-Beer/ct73/icpcd6ak971

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Classic City Pan!Classic-City-Pan/ct73/idlxt4ot28

Clarence Sun & The Moonshynes!Clarence-Sun-the-Moonshynes/ct73/icpbzp9r925



DJ Tic

Entertainment Purposes Only DJ

Dawg Town Entertainment

MixWire Productions

Sound Insight Productions

Judah Press Entertainment

Ambience Event Wedding Services


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