Your best friend’s wedding. Maid of honor, best man, sister of the bride, whichever role you play—you have a toast to give! There are a lot of things than can make for a bad toast, so how do you go about executing a great one? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing your perfect toast at an Athens, GA wedding:

  • Keep it brief
    • You definitely do not want to go on and on and bore the guests. You can pack some great material into a short toast.
  • No inside jokes
    • Inside jokes are fun but there is a time and a place for them and your toast is not one of them. Mention them in private, but keep them out of your toast to make everyone feel included. It is not unacceptable, but it is bad form to include them.  
  • Keep it appropriate
    • Make sure you do not drink too much—keep your head clear. Also, do not mention anything too risqué and do not use any sort of inappropriate language. There are probably grandparents and possibly children in attendance. Keep it classy.
  • Be yourself
    • Do not say or mention things that are out of character for you. Make sure everyone can see your personality through your words.
  • Make it personal
    • Do say things that are specific to the bride and groom being celebrated. Generic lovey-dovey things can be appropriate, but mention small stories things that will make the toast more in touch with the couple. Above all, keep it sincere.
  • Raise your glass
    • Remember to actually raise your glass, this is a toast not a speech! Keep it fun!

Best Man Speech 2

Photo by Blane Marable Photography

This is such a special part of the reception, so be yourself and make it great! A good ole “Go Dawgs” never hurt anyone either!

Maid of Honor Toast

Photo by Blane Marable Photography

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