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People dream about the moment that they will see their husband or wife for the first time on their wedding day. Tears are shed, toothy smiles are revealed, and thoughts about how you get to spend forever with that person rush through your head. It is a beautiful moment that deserves to be captured, whether on video or camera.

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For years people have stuck with the tradition of not seeing their spouse until the ceremony, as they believed it would be bad luck for their marriage otherwise. However, recently more and more people are opting out of this tradition by going with a more time efficient route and getting that “first look” before the ceremony. A first look session is when a bride and groom set aside time before the ceremony to see one another and have a private moment together.

One of the biggest pros for having your first look before your ceremony is that you will have a much more efficient picture taking process. After you see your spouse, you are able to take couple pictures, as well as bridal party and family shots. If you are having an evening wedding, doing a first look can allow you to get all of your pictures before the sun goes down. Doing all of your posed pictures beforehand will allow you to actually attend your reception that you spent so much time working on. Your guests won’t have to wait around to eat and neither will you. You will actually be able to relax a little and spend time with your now husband or wife. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and many times people don’t get to actually enjoy as much of it as they would like. Doing a first look beforehand definitely allows brides and grooms to be able to spend more time with each other, as well as your family and friends, on your wedding day.


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A first look before the ceremony can also calm a lot of nerves that you may have. It is your wedding day and you want everything to go perfectly, but you may get nervous when people look at you or you may be an ugly crier. Having a first look is a way to potentially avoid any mishaps that would take away from this special moment

There is a chance that a first look could be slightly awkward. Your significant other may not know what to do or how to respond, and there may be a lot of pressure on both of you if your bridal party is present. If you choose to do a first look session, it is probably best that it just be the two of you (and your photographer, of course). Having a private first look with your soon-to-be husband or wife could potentially be the most intimate moment that you share with one another on your wedding day. This is one of very few moments that you will get to be alone on your wedding day and allowing it to be the first time that you see one another could be so beautiful.


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While having a first look is a great option, there are also some downsides to seeing your spouse before the wedding. A lot of people think that a first look before the ceremony will take away from the moment that you meet each other at the altar. Having a first look before the ceremony also means that you will have to get up earlier and your day will last longer. This option also takes away from the tradition of seeing your husband or wife for the first time at the ceremony, which is a big thing to consider if you are usually a traditional person.

The tradition of seeing your significant other for the first time during your ceremony is something very special that many people look forward to. This moment provides husbands and wives with beautiful pictures that show the true love that they have for one another. If you are traditional and you do not mind waiting to do all of your pictures after the ceremony, this option may be a good one.


Image by Blane Marable Photography

When people are making the decision about whether or not to do a first look session, it is important to remember that neither option is better than the other. There are pros and cons to having your first look before and during the ceremony, and it is ultimately a decision that the couple will want to make in order to have the most perfect wedding day possible for them. Whichever choice you make, the first time that you first see your husband or wife will be one of the most beautiful moments of your life.


Image by Blane Marable Photography

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