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Can you imagine your big day without your best gal(s)? I sure don’t want to! That’s why bridesmaids gifts can be so much fun. Gifts are not a requirement for your bridesmaids, but they can be a simple way to show your appreciation for their support. You are definitely not limited to the options below, but here are a few ideas! Get creative!



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Robes are a classic and simple way of making the bridesmaids feel special when you are preparing for the wedding. You can customize them for each girl or buy matching ones! One positive thing about getting robes for your girls is that they are simple, uniform, and very practical! Their hair won’t get messed up when they switch over to the dress and they are typically used after the day of the wedding as well.




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Another great idea for bridesmaid gifts includes flannels! Flannels are similar to robes, but they may be a better fit for your southern wedding. Plus, they are typically easier to find and less expensive. You can customize your flannels by adding a cute monogram or by simply choosing colors that each girl prefers. Also, flannels can definitely be worn after the wedding date and are so comfy when getting ready!




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Start the party early by getting your bridesmaids cute glasses! Whether it’s for a mimosa, orange juice, or some water, everyone will use a cup to drink out of when getting ready. Plus, if your wedding is outside during the hotter months, this gift will kindly urge your bridesmaids to stay hydrated throughout the day! You can customize the glasses online or paint them yourself! Either way, your bridesmaids will love this idea and will be able to use it in their homes forever!




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Another simple option for your gifts is to get your bridesmaids matching jewelry for the wedding day! Simple bracelets, earrings, or necklaces could be the finishing touch for their dresses and their role as bridesmaids. These can also be customized with initials or changes in the beading! Your bridesmaids will think of your wedding day every time they put the jewelry on and will cherish it forever.




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Hangers are another practical gift for your bridesmaids. They keep their dresses from wrinkling and they also look adorable! In case they have the same dress, you can even customize these for each individual to keep everything organized. Hangers can be very useful following the wedding day or can simply be kept in remembrance of a great day.




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If you prefer a non-tangible gift for your bridesmaids, you can pay to have their hair or makeup done for your wedding day! Your bridesmaids will love this, as it seems like a personal spa day for them! As wedding days are not always the most relaxing of times, a professional hairdresser or makeup artist may ease some stress and make your bridesmaids look even more stunning!  

Whether it is customized, uniform, or simple, whatever you choose to do for your bridesmaids will make them feel appreciated on your big day. Personally, I could not imagine getting married without my best girl friends next to me, and you may be the same way. Why not show them a little love in return for their fun company, friendship, and support?!

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