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When someone who held a special place in your heart can’t be with you physically on your special day, incorporating their spirit somehow within your ceremony and/or reception can be the perfect touch. Personally, I absolutely want to honor and remember my grandparents in some small way on my wedding day.

With these little details, not only will your loved ones become an important part of your wedding, but their presence and their memory will most certainly be felt as you say, “I Do.”


Save A Seat

Perhaps the most well-known way to include the memory of lost loved ones is by saving them a seat at your ceremony. Frame your favorite photographs and place them each on a chair. You can also add their favorite flowers, keepsakes, or a note that they wrote to you for a beautiful seating display in their honor. Looking out into the crowd of your friends and family and seeing their picture will remind you of their constant presence in your life.


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A Family Recipe

If any of your lost family members were great cooks, use their signature recipes as part of your reception menu. Whether your grandmother made the best macaroni and cheese or your mother baked the most extraordinary cookies, using a family recipe will add a taste of home and where you came from to your reception.


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A Special Song

If you have a certain song attached to a memory with a loved one you’ve lost, use it for your first dance or walk down the aisle to it. You could even take a moment of silent reflection during your ceremony to listen and feel connected to those who couldn’t be with you.


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A Send-Off

Perform a special send-off ceremony in honor of your loved ones who have passed away. This could be anything, from sending balloons or lanterns into the sky to a beautiful butterfly release.


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A Charity Donation

If a special loved one passed away from illness or was especially passionate about a certain cause, asking for donations in their name to a charity could be the perfect way to bring their spirit into your wedding. Even if your passed loved one was a pet, a donation to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or an animal shelter of your choice would be a lovely touch.


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Every bride and groom wants the people they love most at their wedding. Even if some loved ones aren’t with you physically on your special day, their spirit and their memory can be. With these small touches, their presence will most certainly be felt celebrating along with you.


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