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For all of the families of the soon-to-be bride or groom out there- I have great news. There are so many ways to save money while also having a wedding that you love! You can still have that beautiful wedding day that everyone dreams about without breaking your bank.

Thanks to the resourceful internet, a quick google search will lead you to many DIY ideas for decorations, planning tools, and more! Although you may find it easier to hire a company to do the planning or decorating, these DIY ideas can be simpler than you think. For example, save money on a florist by doing the floral arrangements yourself or asking a loved one to do them.



A lot of people love flowers and have a good eye for creating beautiful bouquets. Moreover, relatives or friends typically jump at any opportunity to help out on your wedding day. Whether it be with flowers, decorations, cake, or anything else, people love to help, so don’t be afraid to ask! Let the people you love play a part in making your day even more special!

When planning a wedding, it is important to keep all of your resources in mind. Friends or relatives may have connections that are able to cut a deal with you. They may even know someone who can allow you to get married between the hedges like the couple below!



Another way to save money is to cut back on the guest list. Although you may feel obligated to invite that coworker from five years ago, you don’t have to. Only inviting the guests that are closest to you and your future spouse will make the wedding more intimate. Doing this will not only allow you to talk with each of your guests, but will also cut down the cost of the wedding significantly.



One thing to remember is the fact that weddings are going to cost at least a little bit of money. Knowing this, it is important to figure out what aspects of the wedding that you are willing to spend money on. For instance, some brides are willing to cut back on the food budget in order to splurge on the wedding dress, simply because the dress is one of the most important parts to them. Other brides focus their spending on the DJ and making the reception a fun party for guests.



All in all, there are many ways to save money on your wedding. Ask relatives for help, use your family connections, and utilize DIY substitutes, but most importantly- think about the aspects of the wedding that are most important to you and your future spouse. Your wedding day is about the both of you and this exact day only happens once in a lifetime. Spend your money where it matters the most to YOU!


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