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Your wedding day is quickly approaching and it’s time to celebrate with your girls! Your bridal luncheon is the time to get all the bridesmaids together for bonding, gift exchanging, and getting a little tipsy! Of course you want to have your luncheon somewhere stylish and classy, that also has great food and drinks at a price that everyone can afford. With all these things in mind, no place is more perfect or has more amazing options than Athens, Georgia! So ladies, now it’s time to break out the bubbly and go through some great close-to-home options for your luncheon.


The National

Photo from The National on Instagram

The National

The first stop on our list is The National, located in downtown Athens, Georgia. The National is a casual café that brings neighborhood vibes and Mediterranean style foods to the Athens, Georgia community. Inside the European inspired restaurant there is a dining room and a bar that serves tons of wines, along with beers and cocktails throughout lunch and dinner. The menu changes with the seasons as all of their integrated ingredients come from local farmers, but it includes appetizers, soups, and main courses such as burgers, salads, and sandwiches at affordable prices. If you and your bridesmaids are looking for a small café-style restaurant with refreshing foods and lots of wine, this is the perfect place for your bridal luncheon!


Mama Jewels

Photo from Mama Jewel’s Kitchen Facebook page

Mama Jewel’s Kitchen

Next we will move to a southern inspired restaurant that emphasizes upscale comfort food: Mama Jewel’s Kitchen. This restaurant is located off Baxter street, just minutes from downtown Athens, Georgia! If you decide to eat here you’ll get great southern food with a modern twist as well as service so friendly, they’ll make you feel like family. This would be a great atmosphere for your girls to really get comfortable with each other while eating some really good biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits, or fried chicken and collard greens! Mama Jewel’s has a large menu that’s sure to fit the tastes of all your bridesmaids!


Saucehouse bbq

Photo from Saucehouse BBQ on Instagram

Saucehouse Barbeque

Of course we can’t leave barbeque off our list which brings us to Saucehouse Barbeque located on West Broad Street, right outside of downtown Athens, Georgia! Saucehouse has an awesome atmosphere of people who want to make your experience nothing short of amazing. This restaurant specializes in beef brisket, along with pulled pork, chicken, and baby back ribs. If your girls are ready to dig into a lot of meat with sides of stew, green bean casserole, baked potatoes, and more, Saucehouse is the place to go. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that they’ve also got banana pudding, and who doesn’t love banana pudding!? Be sure to check out this fun restaurant as well as their bar for your bridal luncheon!


The Table Bistro

Photo from The Table Bistro Facebook page

The Table Bistro

With the meaty option must also come a lighter option with vegetarian and vegan choices as well. This is where we come to The Table Bistro. This little restaurant brings recipes together that include Asian, American, and fusion inspired meals representing a variety of world cuisines. Start your girls off with portobello mushrooms and soup, then move into the salads, pastas, and sandwiches for your main course! This bistro offers less space, but is perfect for a small group of bridesmaids looking for your not-so-typical recipes that will bring your taste buds into another world!


South Kitchen+bar

Photo from South Kitchen and Bar

South Kitchen + Bar

The last stop on our list is South Kitchen and Bar located in downtown Athens on East Washington Street. This restaurant is all about creative, southern cuisine that, paired with the location, gives a little glimpse into some Athens’ history! This is another comfort food option, with an elegant twist! South Kitchen and Bar offers brunch, and lunch, along with beers, cocktails, and wines for your bridal luncheon! If you and your bridesmaids want a twist on southern, comfort foods as well as a feeling of elegance paired with history at an award-winning restaurant in Athens, you need to try out South Kitchen and Bar.


South Kitchen

Photo from South Kitchen and Bar

Choosing a location for your bridal luncheon has never been easier now that we’ve presented you with these cute, classy, and delicious options for you and your girls! The only tough part is going to be deciding between these five! Although, nobody said you’re limited to only one bridal luncheon! Take my advice ladies; try them all!


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