Misconceptions about vegans are extremely prevalent in today’s society. Contrary to popular belief, a vegan’s diet extends far beyond eating only plants. Don’t let what others may think of your dietary preferences stop you from creating a menu that caters to your diet. Here are some fun vegan options for you and your guests to enjoy from entrees to desserts!


These appetizers are easy to make and easy to order especially when you go to vegan specific caterers or restaurants. Here are a few great ideas that will shock your guests!


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Vegan Bahn Mi Sliders

Bahn Mi is an extremely popular Vietnamese sandwich now a days! Traditionally it is served with loads of meat, but this tofu alternative is just as crunchy and flavorful as the original. Lets not forget that the flavor and the uniqueness of this sandwich comes from the sauce and spices used.



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Vegan grilled peach crostini

This crostini is great to have as a starter. It’s creamy and has the perfect blend of salty and sweet. The nonfat yogurt adds the creamy neutral texture along side the crunch of the bread, with a sauteed peach for sweet and the balsamic vinaigrette for salty.  It also has a great appealing color and would make a great option.


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Vegan Kabobs

This may seem like a stretch from traditional kabobs, but they are a wonderful alternative. These kabobs are packed with flavor and grilled the same way meat kabobs are. It has the same crunchy texture, but adds a great kick of color and the spices hold such great flavor.  


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Vegan Nuggets

Let any of our non vegan friends try these and I promise they won’t be able to tell the difference! Chicken has a very basic and standard flavor and therefore is one of the easiest things to replace. These fried and crunchy nuggets go just as great with a spicy Dijon or ketchup. They are fun and easy!



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Buffalo Cauliflower Vegan Tacos

Healthier options are all the rage in this day and age. Using cauliflower as a replacement for chicken is actually more popular than you may realize. This is a great, fun dish to have on your menu! The buffalo sauce has such a strong flavor. You can’t really taste the cauliflower; all you notice is that little extra crunch, which makes it much nicer to eat!




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Vegan Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is such a staple dish to have and yes, as a vegan you can still have this happen! It will taste just as creamy and cheesy as “regular” mac and cheese with a little added nutty flavor because of the cashew base. Cashews, when soaked, and the ground can be cooked down and provide a very creamy texture. With some nutritional yeast and cashew milk, the “cheese” flavor is produced; it’s delicious!



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Lentil Meatballs

Meat-less meatballs may cause a few quizzical brows, but they are very protein packed, filling, and pair wonderfully with pasta. The lentils pack so well together that they actually have a texture similar to ground beef.



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Portobello Mushrooms

Here is a great replacement for steak! Portobello mushrooms are thick, hearty, and very “steak” like. This is a great idea for a traditional “meat and vegetable” option for an entrée.



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Pumpkin filled pasta shells

Pasta is one of those dishes everyone loves at a wedding. It is also so versatile and has a variety of possibilities; here is just one of them. This may be a bit more appealing to fall weddings because of the pumpkin, but you can change this filling to fit the season! Some other options include pesto with arugula, butternut squash, and spinach with ricotta.



People are often shocked to hear that vegans actually can and do eat cake. Despite what people typically think, there are many dairy free options for cake. So yes, you can have you dream wedding cake, and eat it, too! Some ideas are vegan chocolate cake, lemon and white chocolate cake, chocolate lavender, lemon almond and raspberry, or even matcha pistachio!


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You can also have a dessert table filled with a variety of vegan desserts such as:

Pistachio cardamom cheesecake bites


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Peantbutter truffles


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Blueberry cheesecake bites


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If you’re looking for more ways to differentiate your wedding, choose an alternative to a wedding cake. Instead of a cake have a 5-7 layer table for cupcakes with a variety of different flavors. A current trend is to have a small cake for the bride and groom to cut, but then have cupcakes as the main dessert for guests to eat! Some of these flavors could include lavender, chocolate, lemon blueberry, apple cinnamon, pumpkin, chocolate lavender, and peanut butter chocolate.


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