You’re finally there: you and the love of your life have decided to take the next step in your relationship. He asked and you said yes! Now all the questions begin to arise: when’s the date? Do you know where you want to have the wedding? What is your dress going to look like? Well, first things first: engagement photos.

These photos will be just as memorable as your wedding photos, and they play a huge part in announcing one of the biggest moments in your life. Engagement photos are the first things to be seen and sent out to all your loved ones and are usually used as save the dates. You know you want them to not only be beautiful, but reflect you and your fiancé. So, where do you start? Here are a few things to consider while planning your attire for your engagement photos: the theme, the setting, time of day, style and number of outfits.


Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable


Themed engagement photos can be fun and a great way to tell your story as a couple. Did you meet in high school or college? Did either of you play sports? Is there an activity you enjoy together? These are great things to be able to incorporate into your engagement photos to tell your story together. If you met in college choosing your alma mater’s campus as your photo location can be a fun way to create new memories at an already special location. It also reflects on how you both met each other. If either of you are athletes, incorporate the sport into your engagement photos, especially if you were both involved. Use the ball, whether it’s a football, baseball or a soccer ball, to write the date of your wedding. You might even be able to take a few shots on the field or court.



Photo by Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable 

Informal or formal

Engagement photos say a lot about the two of you. Whether you and your significant other like to dress up or rarely do, sometimes it’s exciting to switch things up and make your engagement photos formal. Wearing a full gown and tux might be your idea and it’s nice to get hair and makeup done as if it were your wedding day, this is also a great way, as a bride, to test out a few looks. For some a gown and tux doesn’t do it and more casual attire is the way to go. This allows you to take different photos and do special things in your photos than if you were wearing a gown. Remember these are fun and they should be fun for you to take, so enjoy them. Wear what makes you and him feel most comfortable.



Photo Credit: Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Time of Day and Location

This is a big one! Time of day will affect most of the other decisions you make involving your engagement photos. All your other thoughts will most likely stem from this. In many of our minds we think “the golden hour” will be best, but that’s not always the case. That being said, for the most dynamic photos the golden hour does wonderful. Any photographer will tell you that if lighting is a priority of you this is the best time in the day to take romantic and fairytale like photos. The lighting is perfect, the day is coming to a close, and who doesn’t love sunsets? Let’s not forget about the other times, though. Noon is a great time to get sunny photos with clear skies and beautiful greenery. Depending on your setting and what you’re trying to display, you might need more or less lighting.  



Photo Credit: Athens, GA Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

One outfit or Multiple

It’s no surprise the we all love options, right? Especially if you’re torn between two dresses and a cute top, but who says you only have to pick one? Unlike your wedding day where you’ll be shot in just your beautiful wedding gown, your engagement photos can be more diverse. Keeping it simple and taking photos with one outfit makes the planning so much easier and gives you the time to enjoy every moment of your shoot. If you have several locations you might want to just keep the same outfit in all of those different places. Another option could be, though, if you like changing and you want a different look in each place take a few different outfits with you. As the day gets longer you’ll not only have several looks, but also different settings and different timings throughout the day. This brings plenty of diversity and allows you to use those photos for other future events.


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