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After the initial excitement of the engagement, preliminary planning begins. After setting the date and deciding who will make up your wedding party, it’s time to create your wedding registry. Generating this list should occur fairly early in the wedding planning process to give your loved ones time to shop. Place your list at stores that allow you to adjust along the way. You should stick to two or three stores that you love to avoid confusion among your guests. You want the process to be as seamless as possible to prevent stress down the line.


Create your list ASAP


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You should get your list together as soon as possible and post it on your wedding website. You’ll want to pull this together quickly to give your loved ones time to shop. Make sure that your wedding registry is complete before you send out “Save the Date” cards. This will give your guests time to not only buy gifts for the big day, but also for your engagement party and wedding shower. You’ll want to continually update your registry to be sure that guests still have ample options as the wedding gets closer and closer.


Include items at a variety of prices


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Your guests may have different price points that they are willing to spend on wedding gifts. Register for a large amount of gifts that will allow your guests to have a variety of prices choose from.  If the majority of gifts you are asking for are expensive, you could find yourself let down if you don’t receive all the products you wanted. It’s fine to include expensive items on your list, but be sure that your list is balanced with affordable options as well.


Ask for items that will last


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Get items that will last for years down the line. Don’t pick products that are poorly made and will only last for a few years. Register for items that you know you’ll get use out of for years to come. In addition to that, ask for products that can be used a variety of ways. Never choose something that you feel you are supposed to include but doesn’t actually feel like it fits with your lifestyle.  


Asking for cash


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Asking your guests for cash doesn’t have to be awkward if done correctly. Asking for cash is a good idea for things, such as a honeymoon. This could be a good option if you’re willing to forgo other items, such as houseware and kitchenware. This will allow guests to contribute an amount they are comfortable with. Financial registries are also an option to lessen the awkwardness of asking for money. This is where your guests can gift you stocks and other financial assets such as bonds.

Constructing a wedding registry can seem like a momentous task that is the source of never-ending stress. However, if you think through the important factors, you will create the perfect list to jump-start your married life. Don’t forget to have fun with the items you’re choosing and use planning as an opportunity to do something with your partner to plan the wedding.



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