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I think we can all agree that weddings, while being one of the best days of our lives, can also be very stressful. A lot of this stems from having to hire so many vendors to do different things for your wedding. While we do need vendors for a lot of things, there’s still a way to cut down on the cost of your wedding while adding a personal touch that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s right, I’m talking about the do-it-yourself wedding projects! Admittedly it will take some time, but for the bride and groom who are willing to spend more time than money, DIYs are the perfect option for you!



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DIY Place Cards

Before walking into your reception, hand-in-hand with your new husband or wife, you’d like to think that everyone would be seated, calm, and ready to cheer you on as soon as you bust through those doors! Without place cards, guests can get frustrated trying to find a seat, and things can get chaotic. You can be in control of keeping the order during the reception by making the place cards yourself! It’s as easy as getting some card stock, printing out or hand writing some fonts in cute, custom ways, and adding little decorative details to make your place cards one-of-a-kind! With this DIY project, you can be as trendy, whimsical, or simple as you want!



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DIY Invitations

When it comes to invitations, we all want them to be perfect. It’s the first thing that your guests will see that gives them an insight into the theme of your wedding. Although, perfect doesn’t mean it has to be done by a vendor! You can pick up whatever paper you’d like at the store; pick out your fonts and color scheme on the computer; and once they’re printed, add those little details of ribbons, buttons, or flowers to send off the rustic or classy message that you want. Invitations can take a good bit of time, but they’ll seem more personalized to your guests and save you a lot of money, both of which we love! You can also coordinate with the place cards!


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DIY Bouquets

Bouquets can also be turned into a DIY project. If you choose to create your own bouquet, using fake flowers may be an easier route to take. I will say though, that I recently attended a wedding where I was a bridesmaid and our bouquets were the bride’s DIY project. She chose to make them with fake flowers, and they were absolutely beautiful! When she was done making them she felt so accomplished. She raved about how personalized it felt to her as we were walking down the aisle with the bouquets that she put together herself. I would say that making your own bouquets for your wedding is a definite win! What’s even better is that they can be kept as keepsakes, rather than wilting away after your big day!


Picture Backdrop

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Picture Backdrop

Now we come to a DIY project for your wedding that can really get you on your creative toes: picture backdrops! Picture backdrops are an innovative way to get your guests excited about your wedding day and to get them posting about it! Picture backdrops have become a really fun element to weddings, and with everyone getting dressed up, they need an excuse to take a picture. While this project can be a little harder than the others, it’s also a very rewarding one! Backdrops can be made from items you already own as well as ribbons, yarn, flowers, paper, or pretty much anything! Knowing that you built something that people want to take pictures in front of makes you feel good and makes your guests happy!



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Adding your own personal touches to your wedding day can leave a lasting impression on your guests and make it a day that you will never forget! Along with the ideas I shared above, there are so many more ways to get creative on your big day! You can take on small projects, like the sashes on the bride and groom’s chairs, table centerpieces for the reception, or confetti poppers to send you on your way after your big day! There are big projects to take on as well, such as building the dance floor, creating your own arch or altar for your ceremony, or even putting together a cute bar! With all these options and more, you can be sure to cut back on come serious costs for your big day! Get creative and get going!



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