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A wedding is made complete by the friends and family surrounding the newlyweds, and a guest book is the best way to remember who came to your big day. Before the days of social media hashtags, the guest book was the only memory couples had of their guests. Even in these modern days, having a physical memento is still important to many couples.


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There are many different ways to creatively and practically document the attendance of your wedding. You can even turn your guest book into decor for your home! A simple wooden letter signed by your guests would be beautiful hanging on the wall and allow you to remember your guests every day. Another option could be a framed picture with space for everyone to sign. You can use an engagement photo or even wait until you get your wedding photos back. These are both simple, inexpensive, and allow you to have a visual reminder hanging around the house.


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A great way to get your guests to be creative is to have them come up with date ideas for the newlyweds. You can have them fill out slips of paper or write on popsicle sticks and give you their best date ideas with their names. Each time you can’t decide what to do on date night, pull out the ideas from your guests. You will remember who was there while having lots of ideas to keep your marriage fun.


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A picture is worth a thousand words and using photos as your guest book is a great way to have a visual keepsake. Go old school with Polaroids and have your guests take snapshots and sign them. You can pin them on a cheap bulletin board to be displayed during your wedding.   

This would also work well with photo booth prints. Most booths print out multiple so ask the photographer to keep a copy for your guest book. The photo booth is also a fun way to entertain your guests during cocktail hour and throughout the reception. Funny props will liven the event and put your guests in a fun mood. Pictures are also beneficial because both the bride and groom have friends and family their new spouse won’t know yet so photos help put faces with names. Looking back on the silly shots will be a great way to remember all of your friends and family who were there.


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Video messages allow your guests to tell you their congratulations and well wishes. You can have a station set up with signs, props or anything else you may want and encourage your guests to say anything they want to you. This, like the photo booth, doubles as an activity for your guests during cocktail hour or the reception and allows you to have these memories forever.

Your guest book is something you will have for the rest of your life. Don’t be afraid to go away from the basic signature book and pick something that will make your wedding uniquely yours. Your family and friends play a huge role in your big day so you’ll want to remember every person who helped make your wedding the best day of your life.



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