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You did it! You said your vows, publicly proclaimed your love, and celebrated your day as a married couple! The next phase of your life has started as Mr. and Mrs. Now your new journey in life together, begins. But before you get into the nitty gritty of marriage, there’s still one more thing you get to enjoy before you head back to reality your honeymoon! There are so many wonderful places out there in the world to experience, but where do you start? Whether you’re seeking adventure, looking for a romantic getaway, or travelling on a tight budget, here are a few top honeymoon destinations for all couples.


Beach or Mountains?

Greek Isles


Photo by: Chelsea Guedes

The Greek Isles are known for their beautiful beaches. Each island is unique, and luckily some of them are not far from each other, take advantage of their close proximity and jump from island to island. Hop on the ferry and make your way to whichever you choose. No matter which one you go to, you’ll be welcomed with great food, crisp water, and pure white, sandy beaches. It’s a wonderful place to lay out and relax after all the months of planning you did for your big day. Celebrate with some leisure and lovely cocktails.



Aruba wasn’t nicknamed “One Happy Island” on a whim. This country is known for its, sunny days and soothing nights. Embrace the openness of the island by enjoying the beach restaurants, bars, and quiet walks along the water. If you’re looking for something fun to enjoy together, Aruba is known for its snorkeling because of its clear, undisturbed waters, and the variety of sea life in its oceans.


Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys stretch contains over 1,000 islands within a 100 mile span.Needless to say, there is no limitation on what to see and do here. Go on a beach bike ride, enjoy the Old Town, and embrace the colorful sunsets at Mallory Square. The hues of color that light up the sky at sunset are absolutely breathtaking and make any night with your honey perfect.


St. Moritz, Switzerland


Photo by: Chelsea Guedes

These mountains are the birthplace of winter tourism, but this stunning place is perfect during every season. With its vast array of lakes and mountains, St. Mortiz is exactly what you need for a crisp change of scenery. The mountains stretch for miles making it feel like the edge of the world is right in front of you. If you enjoy outdoor cafes, fresh air, and silence that’s rare to find, this is the place for you! From palaces to Old Towne, this city is filled with so much history. There’s so much to learn and explore.


Aspen, Colorado

When picturing Colorado, many people’s first thoughts are of mountains. Aspen may be a smaller town than Denver, but it’s filled with activities. Restaurants are within walking or biking distance from any hotel you choose. All the winter sport activities you can think of are at your disposal. Plus, Aspen has more shops than you can imagine. Not to mention, the small-town feel gives a nice change of pace. Aspen is also known for its food and drink. Eat something different every night; there is so much variety within this area. Take a wine tour together and enjoy the process of wine making and drinking!


Courcheval, France

This city in France sits in one of the most beautiful parts of the French Alps. It’s a quaint town that is surrounded by a miraculous mountain range, and is famous for it’s large ski resort. The best times to go are April through December. The romantic Hotel Chevel Blanc is ideal for honeymooners, offering the most luxurious stay.


Budget friendly

Tulum, Mexico

Home to ancient Mayan ruins, this city in Mexico is rich with history. It also has some of the finest beaches that won’t break the bank. This city is romantic, historic, and relaxing for every couple, offering so much variety in food and things to do. It’s perfect for those who are looking for something budget friendly.


Asheville, North Carolina


Photo by: Chelsea Guedes

Are you more of a mountain person than a beach person? If so, this is your spot if you are looking for a budget friendly mountain getaway. Ashville is home to some of the most picturesque mountains in North Carolina. The town itself may be small, but there is more than enough to do here. Asheville has several breweries, every type of food you could want, and a variety of local clothing stores offering a unique selection of merchandise.. It’s also home to some of the greatest concerts and street artists. This trendy town will make any honeymoon exciting yet relaxing.


Adventure Junkie

Machu Picchu, Peru

For all you hikers and rock climbers, this is your spot! Machu Picchu has so much more to offer than llamas and Aztec ruins; it is the center of some of the best climbing and hiking in the world. If adventure is you and your fiancé’s thing, then this is the spot for you. See the Andes, the Citadel, and the Cloud Forest. It’s a guaranteed trip to remember.


Vancouver, Canada


Photo from National Geographic

Calling all sports lovers! Vancouver has every sport you can imagine. If you want to get active during your honeymoon, this is the place to do just that. From biking to hiking to sailing and kayaking, Vancouver offers everything you can imagine. Take on the world during the day and then enjoy the calmness of the city at night. Sit and gaze at the cotton candy colored sky at sunset reflecting off the water.




Photo from National Geographic

What’s more exotic than a safari, right? If you love wildlife and the outdoors, this is the perfect location for your honeymoon. Imagine walking or driving through a safari and then laying out a blanket to gaze at the stars at night. What could be more romantic than that? Surround yourself with desert mountain ranges, red rock, and sand dunes.



Sri Lanka

The jungle shares it own beauty with all of us. The greenery is breathtaking, and the wildlife is so far from what we are used to seeing. Take a chance and go somewhere completely different with a landscape you can’t find anywhere other than south Asia. For honeymooners, this is ideal because of the privacy exotic resorts provide. Take some time for yourselves and enjoy the quiet- and the monkeys.


Marrakesh, Morocco

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Photo from National Geographic

Morocco is known for its colorful city Chefchaouen, and desert landscapes. and desert landscape. The sheer beauty here can’t be matched, no matter how good of a camera you have. Take in these beautiful sand dunes, enjoy the camel rides, and even do something crazy and camp in the desert just you and your partner. The fashion is gorgeous and the food is flavorful and delicious.



Venice, Italy


Photo by: Chelsea Guedes

Gondolas, wine, and canals. When you hear Venice, you think gondolas and the singing in this quaint Italian city. There is no place in the world like Venice. A city built on canals off the coast of the main country. Venice is filled with shopping, great Italian food, and lovely quiet strolls through the streets.


Vienna, Austria

Photo by: Chelsea Guedes

Vienna tends to fly under the radar quite a bit, but it truly is romance personified. The architecture, the opera, and the lovely venetian cakes make you feel like you’re living like a royal. Take a night to picnic on the hills of the Palace Garden with a bottle of wine and gaze at the sun setting behind the Royal’s home. See an opera, walk through the churches, and stroll around the city center. There’s so much to do in this romantic city, you won’t be dissatisfied.


Paris, France


Photo by: Chelsea Guedes

It come to no surprise that Paris and romance go hand in hand. It is the city of love and that is precisely how it’s known. Walk around this great city for a few hours and you can see why. Streets rich with gold bridges, music playing in every corner, and lights that light up the night sky. If romance is what you’re after, look no further than Paris, you won’t be disappointed.



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