Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable

With technology playing such a prevalent role in our everyday lives, it only makes sense to get your guests’ attention through making a wedding website. Maybe this is a relatively new concept to you, or maybe you’ve heard all about it and you’re ready to get started on your own. Either way, we’re here to tell you all the details of what to include on your site. You’ll want to keep your website short, sweet, and to the point to make things as easy as possible for your guests and for yourself!



Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable

The Must-Haves!

Basic Information

Of course the most important things to include on your site are your names, the date, the time and the location. Without this information, your guests are going to be very confused! All of this information should also show up on your homepage to make your site less crowded in terms of having too many pages for your guests to click on or too long of pages for your guests to scroll through. Including your names can take the form of a fun title to your site or the main headline that draws people in. The date, time, and location can be included right below your names maybe even with a picture of the venue in the background (with permission from or credit to the photographer of course) to spruce things up a little. This way the theme of the website can also begin to match with the theme of your wedding.


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Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable

Gift Registry

Setting up your virtual gift registry may take a little time on your end, but being able to include a link that takes your family and friends directly to the product that you want makes life so much easier. By including links to products, your chances of getting exactly what you asked for increase tremendously. It also includes the prices of products you want so guests can instantly find an item from your list that fits into their price range. The online registry takes the guesswork out for guests and gives you peace of mind in knowing you won’t have tons of tacky kitchenware!


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Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable


Your wedding website is a great way to save money if you don’t want to send out wedding invitations. Instead of having everything on paper and going through the mail, you could include all of that information on your website and send your guests an invitation there instead! Emailing a link to your site will be a lot cheaper than sending the invitation to every guests’ house. Whether you are sending out invitations through the mail or using this website as your invitation, you’ll also want to set up a response page where your guests can RSVP. This way you will already have the information online and hopefully stored, organized, and easily accessible!  


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Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable

Travel Information

Whether your wedding is right outside of town, across the state, or across the country having travel information on your site is essential. This takes away from getting tons of calls on your wedding day of people not knowing where to go as well as putting your guests at ease on the big day. If you’re just travelling down the road, give simple information of which back roads they may be turning down and some signs or landmarks to look out for along the way. If travelling across the state or country, this page will need to include the directions of how to get to the venue as well as hotels or Air B&Bs near the location of your ceremony or reception. This page can also include how to get from your ceremony to your reception and options for getting directly to the reception for those who were not attending the ceremony. This page should have tons of information!


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Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable

The Non-essentials

Dress Code

The dress code is not necessary to put on your website but if you’re particular about the style you want people to wear then this could be a great addition. Maybe you want people to wear certain colors or incorporate a more casual vibe into your big day; that’s a perfect reason to include a dress code area on your website!


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Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable

Social Media Hashtag

Now this aspect can be incorporated in a small way. So, if you want a hashtag for your big day why not put it on your site? You could include your hashtag on your homepage right under the important information so it’s right there in front for people to see! This is a great little addition to any site and it’ll get your guests ready to use your hashtag to be!


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Photo by Athens wedding photographer Blane Marable

Song Requests

Giving your guests an option to be a part a part of picking out the songs played on your big day makes everyone feel really special and like they have their own little minute of your day. When their song comes on at your reception, they’ll get really excited! Guests usually also think of the song as a way to get you and your new hubby or wife to get a romantic slow dance, or they choose a song that’ll get everyone pumped up and dancing like crazy! They will also get to feel like their song choice is another little present for you.

Having a wedding website is not essential to the wedding planning process. If you’re totally against it, then don’t worry about it! However, it is a great way for your guest to get all the information they need in one place, and it can save you a lot of money and time in the long run!



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