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If you’re thinking about hiring a wedding planner for your big day, do it! It may be an additional upfront cost, but in the long run it should save you a lot of money. Wedding planners know how to make smart decisions that give you the most bang for your buck as well as keep you sane throughout the whole process. When choosing a wedding planner, keep in mind what you want and what you can expect so you’ll have questions ready while finding your match!



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Before everything gets started, your wedding planner will want to get to know you as a couple: your likes, your dislikes, and your overall style. Because of this, you can definitely expect at least one consultation meeting with your planner. It is likely that he or she will want to meet more throughout the months before your wedding. First, figure out how many consultations you want to pay for. Then, you can try to figure out how you’d like to space them according to your needs. Your wedding planner will be working very closely with you, so we suggest you have consultations around once a month. This way you can make sure everything is going smoothly and that you’re both on the same page during the process. You’ll be meeting more more often as your wedding approaches as well!



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Your wedding planner will help big-time in creating a realistic budget for your wedding. He or she will first figure out how much money you have to spend from different sources (bride’s parents, groom’s parents, savings, and any extra) that will make up your total budget. The planner will then break down where the most and least amounts of money will be allocated, as well as everything in between to start creating your budget breakdown. Once all the estimated amounts are written down and organized, you can pretty much expect to be spending this amount overall. Not only do wedding planners create your budget, they also keep track of payment deadlines so you’ll know when to have your money ready and you’ll never miss a payment!



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Wedding Website

A wedding website is the place where you can bring all your guests together before the wedding day. With media being such a huge platform that we use daily, it only makes sense to create a website that gets your guests in-the-know of all the details and plans for your big day. Your wedding planner should know how to set up this website for you and help you with all the little details. Ultimately the writing on the site should be yours so it feels more personalized to your guests, but your wedding planner is there to help you with it along the way! They will probably also want to check on anything you’ll be putting on there before it’s posted to make sure it’s correct, clear, and cute!



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Organization/Master Plan

Your wedding planner will most likely have a big binder already created for you before you even meet. This binder should have a section for every step of the process that you’ll be going through. This is your master plan, and it’s also a great keepsake for after the big day! Your wedding planner will be in charge of this planner and will go through it with you during each consultation. It will include the budget, the timeline, guest relations, decoration ideas, venues, vendors, and much, much more! The master plan can be very overwhelming, but don’t worry! It’ll be very organized and very much explained by your planner!



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Venue and Vendors

After that first consultation, your planner will have a sense of your style and will likely start putting things together that you may like. Most times, the planner will help you in choosing venues or finding venues in the area you’d like to get married in. If you already have a place picked out, your wedding planner will still help with setting up tours, asking questions, negotiating, and booking. They also probably have relationships with vendors who give discounts or added gifts when working with your planner. They know who has good quality products as well as good time management so everything will be on time and perfect! You’ll most likely want your planner being your voice when it comes to communicating with your vendors.



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The Big Day!

On the wedding day, you can expect your wedding planner to be there helping behind the scenes! Along with the coordinator, they’ll handle any emergencies as well as making sure vendors come on time to set up everything from the ceremony to the reception to the exit! They’ll be busy running around and may not do all the heavy lifting, but they will make sure every detail of the decor is set up correctly! Both the coordinator and the planner will be getting all your guests to and from each location smoothly, will make sure every movement as well as the music is right on time, and will have all the guests’ attention on the happy couple!



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Yes, you are reading that correctly. If you’d like, the planner will also help with getting arrangements ready for your honeymoon! Your honeymoon should put the least amount of stress on you as possible and your wedding planner is there to help with that! The planner will help you decide on some places based on your interests. They may even call around and get prices, as well as honeymoon packages for you. The planner will help you decide if you want a separate budget for your honeymoon, if you want your honeymoon to be included in your overall beginning budget, or if you want to use whatever left-over money you may have from the budget after everything for the big day is paid for.

So, if you haven’t already found yourself a planner start looking, and remember, it’s never too early to start planning!



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