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A lot of time and energy goes into getting a degree as well as planning for your special day. Having to deal with an abundant amount of homework and studying for tests while also planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming. We have compiled a list below of tips to consider when you decide to take on the task of planning your wedding while in college.


Stay organized

With so many details that go into your wedding along with assignments due for school, it is very important to stay organized throughout this whole process. Starting out the planning process by securing a venue, date, and dress to get those important details out of the way will be very beneficial in the process. This will allow less distractions throughout your semester and you will be able to focus on the little details in your down time. 



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Take advantage of social media

Social media and the internet will become very handy in this planning process. Search the web for inspiration and ideas so you know exactly what you have in mind for specific details. Take advantage of Pinterest  by repinning your favorite decorations, dress styles, and venues into different boards to help you organize your ideas.



Use holiday breaks to plan

Take advantage of the time you have off from school to plan larger details for your wedding. The bigger holiday breaks are great for you to take time off from school and focus all your energy on your special day. Plan more important details like visiting venues and trying on different wedding gowns during these breaks so you can focus on the less time consuming things during the semester.


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Book a wedding planner

There is no shame in asking for help from wedding planners during this process. It is already a very overwhelming process to plan a wedding, and having to do it while in school can be extremely stressful. Looking for guidance from a wedding planner will help you organize your thoughts, schedule visits to venues, cake tastings, and arrange decorations and details for you. This will help take a huge weight off your shoulders so you can focus on getting that degree.



Postpone if necessary

If all of the stress of planning an extravagant wedding while studying away is too much for you, consider the option of postponing the wedding until a few months after you graduate college. This will allow you to focus on one thing at a time and in your downtime, you can plan some details for the wedding. Having a longer time frame to plan the wedding might be beneficial if you are really overwhelmed with studying for your harder classes.

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If you follow some of the tips we have listed above, we have no doubt that you will be able to accomplish the obstacle of planning a successful wedding while in college!


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