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He’s finally popped the big question, and now you are dying to tell everyone! With so many close friends and family you connect with every day, you may not know who you should tell first, when to tell them, or how you should tell them. We have compiled a few tips below on exactly how you should announce the news of your engagement.



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Who to announce to first?

The biggest thing to consider when announcing your engagement is who to share the news with first. You will want to tell the whole world about how excited you are, but just make sure the right people know first! If you have any children, they should definitely be the first ones to know of this exciting news. Then, you should tell your family of your special news. After that, you can tell any of your close friends and celebrate with them. Once they all know, it is finally appropriate to announce it on social media for the world to see!



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When to announce it?

A specific time to announce your engagement is different for every person. There is no exact right or wrong time after your engagement to share your exciting news with your family, friends, and social media. Whenever you feel comfortable and are ready to announce it, go for it! Looking for a fun and creative way to announce your engagement? Check out our suggestions below!



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How to announce it ?

There are various ways to announce your engagement to everyone. Have fun with it and devise a creative plan on how to tell your friends and family. Basing your announcement off of different seasons or events can be a great way to announce it in a fun and creative way. If it is around the holidays, announcing your engagement by placing an ornament on the Christmas with the word “engaged” would be a cute way to surprise family and friends. Visit a local Starbucks and ask the barista to write “Mother of the Bride” or “Father of the Bride” on their coffee cups to surprise your parents with the news. If you want to throw a dinner party or an engagement party for friends, this could definitely be a way to surprise them all with your news and to celebrate right after!



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Whoever you choose to announce to first, whenever you choose to announce it, and however you choose to announce your engagement, we can be sure everyone will be thrilled for you and your loved one upon hearing the great news!



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