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After months of planning your wedding, the sweat, the tears, and the oh-so-hard-work has now come and gone. The hours you put into every detail of every decoration, invitation, and beautification of your big day is now just more hours you’re spending trying to decide what to do with it all. Well, we’ve got a simple solution for you: recycle it! Whether it be something you want to keep forever or something you’d like to give away, most of your wedding items can be recycled in one way or another. Here’s some ways we’ve found to recycle your wedding items, and even some ways to get recycled items to include in your big day!


Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable


Give: There are so many ways to recycle your wedding flowers that we couldn’t choose just one to talk about. If you’d like a keepsake, flowers can be a great option! Taking your bouquet apart and conserving the petals on paper and into a picture frame gives you a lasting memory to keep forever as well as a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home. If your flowers are fake, feel free to keep them for a while as decorations in your home, maybe as a centerpiece on your dining room table. If you want to give your flowers away, the fastest option would be to tell your guests to grab some for their homes, which they would probably be more than happy to do! Other options for giving them away would be to work with your florist who most likely has some ideas of where they can be donated and put to good use.

Get: If you want recycled flowers to use for your wedding day, try planting a garden beforehand and grow your own! This will give you a hobby to keep you calm during the planning stages of your wedding as well as give you an environmentally-friendly DIY project that is sure to be something that everyone at your wedding will love.


Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable


Give: The easiest way to recycle the food from your wedding would be to make sure each guest has some leftovers to take home with them. Having some extra plastic plates on hand so everyone can get some goodies on their way out would be a good idea; however, there’s another option as well. Instead of throwing out tons of delicious leftovers, why not donate the food to a homeless shelter or recovery center. Call some local places beforehand if you decide to do this so you know what will work best for them and for you!

Get: This may not be the exact thing you were expecting when we said recycle, but if you want comfort foods, recycle some old family recipes! This idea can be a cost-effective alternative to catering, and can also save you some expenses by getting family members to help out with the wedding beforehand.


Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Your Wedding Dress

Give: Many brides want to keep their wedding dresses in the corner of their closets forever, but why let it go to waste when there are so many other options? Donating your dress to a charity could impact someone else’s life in a huge way, giving them something they may not have been able to get otherwise. If you don’t want to give it up, you could also make it into a more casual dress, maybe to wear in the summertime, or you could plan on having your future child wear an outfit with the fabric for a baptism or first school dance. If you want to do something out-of-the-box, try making your dress into shams or a decorative blanket for your home. There are so many options!

Get: If you want to get a recycled dress, don’t be embarrassed to check out thrift stores, donation centers, or even antique malls! A lot of people, especially now, are very willing to resell even give away the dress they wore on their big day. You’re sure to find a diamond in the rough somewhere!


Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable


Give: Recycling decorations from your wedding can mean many different things. One idea that we think would be really cool, would be to set up a booth at an antique mall and fill it with your decorations! The booth would be sure to catch some attention and you’d also make some money back from things that you would’ve thrown away otherwise. There’s probably also a few things that you could use around the house for decoration in memory of your big day. Charities will also be willing to take many of the items from your wedding day and put them to good use. Lastly, don’t be afraid to check out some websites for re-selling wedding items. Weddings can get expensive and there’s a lot of people out there who are willing to help with those costs!

Get: If you want to get recycled decorations for your wedding, check out donation centers and antique malls. There are so many crafty projects you could take on to find bits and pieces that will make a statement at your wedding. Know any handymen? Try getting someone to build something for your big day whether it be the arch you stand under to say your vows, or the tables your food sits on during the reception.


Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable


Give: One really innovative and environmentally-friendly idea we found to recycle invitations is to create them on soil paper! Put a package of seeds inside every guests’ invitations, and instead of all your hard work and money going into the trash, it can go into the earth! When your guests look out and see beautiful flowers in their yard, it will be your wedding running through their memories.

Get: Getting recycled wedding invitations is much easier than it sounds. With today’s younger generations more inclined to promote a healthy environment, there are tons of websites you can visit to find invitations made from recycled paper.


Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

At this point you should be an expert on all things recyclable, at least for a wedding anyways. Recycling is giving back, recycling is saving money, and recycling is environmentally-friendly. So, for your wedding, don’t forget to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

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