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The ideal time to book your honeymoon is six months before the trip! The perfect honeymoon combines reality and your dreams. Make sure that you plan a honeymoon with your spouse-to-be so that you can check off everything on your list.

Make a budget

One of the hardest parts of a wedding is that the costs go up everyday. It is tempting to take money from your honeymoon’s budget when trying to improve the ceremony. This is a common mistake people make and regret because the honeymoon lasts so much longer than the actual wedding. You should devote as much money as you can to your honeymoon so that you can see new things and stay on a comfortable mattress.


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Some honeymoon locations can also help you save money! For instance, the Florida Keys, Portugal, Jamaica, and Ireland are very affordable. All of these locations have very unique attributes that you will love. For a European destination, Portugal is less expensive the Greek Islands and Spain. If you love the beach, the Florida Keys can save you from having to fly to the Caribbean to experience blue oceans and wildlife.

Another idea to stay within your budget would be to go during a destination’s off-season. The price of a stay will drop significantly during the off-season. Plus, it will be much more private for you and your significant other. Best of all, many places have an off-season in which the weather is the same as during the peak season.

Decide whether to use a travel agent

Getting extra guidance on planning your honeymoon can be the key to your success! Travel agents can come in handy in this process because they have insider knowledge on discounts and hotels. This is beneficial because travel agents can pull strings and find rooms in booked hotels or help you discover which locations are best for your travel plans. This is a nice change from typical trip planning because they do all of the leg work. Anything from researching to planning will be completely covered by the travel agent. They also are there to help provide services while you are on your trip so that nothing goes wrong.

Another wonderful idea is to connect with a travel agency that offers registry services where they can collect money from your wedding guests. The easiest way to gain money for your honeymoon is to ask guests on the registry rather than asking for things you don’t really need.


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Schedule any transportation

Planning out transportation for vacations is something that often gets forgotten in the craziness of planning a wedding. Obviously, if you are flying then you need to buy your tickets, but that is not the only form of transportation you need to think about before your trip. If you are flying, odds are you will also need to book a rental car or bus to your hotel. A rental car also may be needed for getting to any events you have while on your trip. A good thing to think about before booking a hotel would be to stay at a hotel within walking distance of some good restaurants or spots you want to

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Decide Where to Go

There are a variety of things to look into when choosing a destination for your honeymoon; however, it should really come down to what you are most excited about and what you both agree on. Some locations that are known to be very romantic are Bali, French Polynesia, France, Italy, and Scotland. There are so many places that have different benefits to each, so the best advice would be to follow what is within your price range and what is the most special to you. It can be within the United States or on the other side of the world as long as you are willing to adjust to your restraints.


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No matter where you go, your honeymoon will be a time you never forget full of love, laughter, and memories! 

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