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We’ve all know one, we’ve seen it in every teen drama we cherish, and we’ve all secretly longed for it. The Cory and Topanga’s of the world have held the envy of us all as the ultimate romance, and rightfully so with their testament to passion, dedication, and love. This all is true of the relationship shared by UGA seniors Maggie Iannone and Tucker Coppage of Savannah, Georgia which will soon receive the official stamp of matrimony later this summer.

The story of our young couple, seemingly picked straight from a John Hughes filing cabinet, is an endearing tale of young love stretching as far back as the sixth grade. In the fateful fashion that middle school seems to operate, Maggie and Tucker met that first year of attending the same school. It was over the vacation to Clarks Hill Lake that their families coincidentally both took that summer that the two had their first extended interactions. Repeat this for three or four summers and by eighth grade you have a budding relationship. Though dating on and off through the transition from middle school to high school, Maggie and Tucker consider their relationship to have truly started their sophomore year of high school. Six years later and the two have blossomed throughout high school and college into a beautiful example of love.


Photo Credit: Brittany McCool Photography

As expected, home is an important principle in Maggie and Tucker’s relationship. Having built a beautiful life filled with adoring friends here in Athens, the couple still looks to Savannah in regards to the future of their relationship. It is for this reason that Tucker chose the dock overlooking the marshes behind the Iannone family home on Wilmington Island as the spot of proposal this past May. The ring, a beauty of a diamond, was purchased locally at Harkleroad Diamond’s whose owner shares an alma mater with Tucker. When asked about the fateful day, the couple laughs and teases another over their perspectives, revealing a confidence that comes with knowing someone in such intimacy for so long. He claims she cried; she remembers it differently but they both agree the eagerness of her response cut his proposal short with its passionate and emphatic, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


Photo Credit: Brittany McCool Photography

Much like the proposal, the wedding too will be a testament to both the love shared by the couple and the hometown that fostered it. The ceremony is going to be held within the red bricks of the historic Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Here family history runs deep in the Gothic Revival building as it was the ceremony venue for both of the couple’s parents as well as Tucker’s maternal grandparents. For the ceremony, Maggie has already chosen a bespoke dress designed specifically for her by Modern Trousseau. The design of the dress has been kept a faithful secret among the immediate bridal party but having scored a sneak peek, it can be confirmed that Maggie will be nothing short of a dream on the special day.

A reception for all guests will be hosted at Savannah Station following the ceremony. From here the newlyweds will embark on the rest of their lives together, beginning with a flight to Barbados for a honeymoon spent at the island’s Sandals Resort. Upon their return to the States, the couple plans to move to Atlanta where Tucker will be enrolled in PT school at Mercer University’s Atlanta campus. Here Maggie will be pursuing a career in commercial real estate. For long term plans, the couple would like to return to Savannah to build a family in the community that built them.


Photo Credit: Brittany McCool Photography

The two love birds have expressed enthusiasm about beginning this new period in their relationship. Maggie discusses getting used to the idea of being married with excitement and curiosity. Tucker cites officially being their own family, and the potential of growing it, as the aspect he most looks forward to in marriage. Together the couple has many years of joy and love to look forward to, an example of something we all desire and admire them for.
Maggie, 21, is the daughter of Robyn and Jeffrey Iannone of Ables, Iannone, Moore and Associates and a graduate of St. Vincent’s Academy. As a senior undergraduate at the University of Georgia, Maggie studies commercial real estate at the Terry School of Business. Tucker, also 21, is the son of Ronald and Kathleen Coppage and graduated from the Benedictine Military School. Also, a senior undergraduate Tucker is studying exercise and sports science. Both will graduate in May of 2019. The couple is registered at: Ballard Designs, William Sonoma, Belk, Pottery Barn, and Target.

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