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Athens, Georgia is your favorite place on the planet but your dream venue just happens to be miles away. It is unavoidable that some couples’ dream wedding location is not in the city that they want it to be in. These tips should help you bring that Athens flare to any wedding location that you have in mind. You may not be near the Classic City but you will be spreading its charm!

The Drinks

One way to bring a taste of Athens to your venue is through the bar and drink options. As we are sure you know, Athens has more bars per capita than any other city in the country, totaling at 80 bars. Any fan of Athens culture will be well-accustomed to the home brews and should share them with their wedding guests. Plan to have your favorite Creature Comforts or #taketerrapin there with you on your big day. For your dessert, also consider some of you favorite local coffee shops like Jittery Joes or Walkers. There is truly no better way to bring a treat from your favorite city that all guests will enjoy.


The Caterers

Everyone has their favorite Athens eatery so why can’t yours be incorporated in your wedding? Consider having your favorite restaurant cater your wedding so that you can share your the rich flavors. Home.made and Heirloom Cafe are excellent examples of caterers that keep your roots grounded right in the Classic City. Nothing will make you feel more satisfied after your ceremony than a big helping of some of your Athens’ favorites. That first bite you take as a married couple should melt in your mouths the same way your significant other melts your heart.


The Music

Athens is a unique college town because of its distinct music history. Being home to names like REM, the B-52’s, and Widespread Panic, it is a wonderful place to expand your music tastes. Luckily for you, this is something that you can easily incorporate into your wedding or reception! Consider having a local Athens band play at your wedding, create a playlist with distinctive Athens artists, or use an Athens DJ service, like Judah Press Entertainment. You will feel like you are right back in Athens when you hear the sounds of artists who started their career in the Classic City.


Try and incorporate the things about Athens that make you happy and that will make you feel closer to your favorite city. The spirit of Athens will be there with you on your big day no matter where in the world you are!


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