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You’re planning your wedding. The colors are picked out. The flowers match in a way that pulls everything in the room together. You can’t believe that your day is going to be here soon. Everything that went into planning your wedding was inspired from your totally fleshed out Pinterest board and yet a few blaring question marks still linger next to the words “flower girl” and “ring bearer.” Get out your pencil because today is the day you check it off!

Look to Your Relatives

Ring bearers and flower girls are typically children that mean a great deal to the bride or groom. When considering whether or not you should have one or both at your wedding, look to the children in your families. If there is not a child that you are especially close with or that is related to you in some way,, you probably don’t need to have a ring bearer or a flower girl.


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Consider the Benefits

Having little one’s stroll with you down the aisle can be oh-so-touching. Children instantly add to the feel of your wedding because let’s face it– they are so cute! They also contribute to the importance of family and strong relationships in your life. One of the biggest benefits of having children be your flower girl or ring bearer is that if they mess up no one (including you) will care! It is all simply precious immediately.


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Consider the Consequences

As cute as they may be, children still cause a few bumps in the road you may not be expecting. While dropping the rings might not be a huge thing to worry about, crying down the aisle, having bathroom accidents, and not being able to walk on the ceremony day are! Sometimes it might be better to let your wild nephew sit with adults, rather than stampede down your aisle!


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Remove the Age Limit

It is 2019 ladies! There is no book of rules regarding what makes a wedding perfect, so break the traditions a little bit. If you are concerned about having a child fill these roles, look to a friend or family member you want to honor more at your wedding and let them be your ring bearer or flower girl! Stepping outside the norm is what is trending this year anyways. Your college roommate and coworker might be less of a risk than children. Hey, at least you know they are potty trained!


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Whoever walks down that aisle with you on your big day should make you feel the way those gorgeous flowers you picked do! It should feel like the perfect match! It is someone important and someone that will get the job done! The best choice for who to do this could be so much closer than you think and if you don’t want to follow this tradition, don’t!

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