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You are getting married. There is no one in your life more important to you than your soon to be spouse, but the only one that comes close is your four-legged companion! They have stuck by your side since day one and you can’t imagine taking this big step in your life without four little paws by your side. So don’t! It is easy to decide if you should have your canine around while you are dressed to the nines, and what role they should have.

To start off, consider your furry friend’s temperament. If you dog is skittish in big crowds or known to have wild bursts of energy, then they may be better left at home. The best attitude for a dog at a wedding is similar to what you would expect of all your guests: calm, friendly, obedient, and potty trained!

Searching for something with a little less commitment? It’s ok if you don’t want your pet to be a concern at your wedding. Instead, consider including your beloved furry friend on your invitations, RSVPs, or even…on the top of your cake.


Photo CreditBlane Marable Photography

If you think that your pet could be a good fit, then you should decide how much involvement you want him or her to have. If you simply want your pet in attendance, then they can stay as an honored guest seated with a friend or family member; however, if that doesn’t do them justice, they could also take on a unique role.


Photo CreditBlane Marable Photography

Couples are commonly have dogs act as ring bearers or flower girls. If your pup can follow commands to a T, then they can trott down the aisle with you! This is an especially good idea if you and your significant other do not have a significant child in your lives to perform these traditions.


Photos by Blane Marable Photography, Athens, GA.

Photo CreditBlane Marable Photography

Others make their dogs their best man or their maid of honor. If you can’t count the number of times your dog has barked at that stranger lurking near your apartment or licked away your tears after a hard day, then this may be for you. Who says your closest confidant can’t be one with a snout? Just be sure not to ask them to make a toast!

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