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There are many components to a wedding: the dress, the venue, the catering, the flowers, and the list goes on. However, there’s one special component that is often overlooked as essential: the guest book. As they walk in, friends, family and loved ones sign the book and give their well wishes to the bride and groom. The guest book is a memory of the witnesses present for your special day, however, this tradition is more than a record of the attendees. It is a guide filled with advice and input on how to navigate your way through marriage, making it one of the most exceptional components to a wedding.

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The most common form of a guest book, of course, is an actual book. Having a book with blank pages encourages your guests to write as much advice and congratulatory thoughts as they please. This approach creates a wonderful keepsake that can sit eternally on your coffee table for anyone and everyone to read. If you like the idea of a book, but want to add some flair, add pictures of you and your spouse on all the pages. This builds not only a book full of advice but also a photo album of the memories that built your marriage.

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If your Athens, GA wedding is religious, having a bible for your guest book is an exceptional choice. This path enables guests to highlight and sign next to a verse they believe to be most helpful and impactful for the bride and groom. After the wedding, you and your spouse can read through the Bible together and discover the verses highlighted  by your guests in a whole new light. This guest book choice not only brings you closer to your faith but also unites your religion and marriage in a unique way. credit: River Road Designs via Etsy


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Photo Booth

Another increasingly popular guest book idea is a polaroid photo booth. All you need for this guest book is a couple of instax polaroid cameras and some film. This guest book prompts your guests to take a picture of themselves and write a message on the polaroid. Whether they snap a silly photo or a loving photo, you’ll have a memory that captures the personality of your guests, coupled with their wishes for you. Having a polaroid guest book is also a fun way to add a vintage flair to your wedding day.

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Music Book

What better way to incorporate the historic Athens, GA music scene than a music guest book? A music guest book adds an entertaining twist to the traditional guest book. As your guests enter the wedding, they can write either their favorite song or any other song they think the bride and groom would enjoy next to their signature in the book. This is a unique way of bringing out a  love for music at your wedding. It’s also a great way to create a memorable playlist for you and your spouse to enjoy on your honeymoon.


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Map Book

For the adventurous couple, a map or globe guest book is an unusual, yet interesting idea for a guest book. Your guests sign their name and leave a note on their favorite place to visit leaving the bride and groom vacation recommendations. This is an exciting way to explore the world and connect with your wedding guests. It also makes for great decor in any bride and groom’s house. After the wedding, frame the map, or display the globe, and place it in a special place in your home. This adds a stylish spirit and a sweet memory to any marriage.

Every couple is different, and every guest book is different. There’s no right or wrong answer to the perfect guest book, because frankly, whatever you choose for your big day will be perfect for you. It is a reflection of you and your spouse’s personality and is uniquely filled with words tailored to your marriage. No matter what guest book idea you go with, you’ll be able to hold onto the special memory forever.


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