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Was your first date at the movies? Do you love cinema? Movie themed weddings are becoming more and more popular and for good reason! No matter the reasoning, your guests will love attending a movie themed wedding or wedding reception.

One of the benefits of having a movie themed wedding is that it can answer a lot of the hard questions for you! What food should you have? Probably whatever food would be featured in the movie! What decor should you have? Something that makes the event look and feel like the movie. There are so many unique ideas of things that you can do!

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Consider making your invitations look like a movie ticket stub or on theme with the movie. Placing the time, place, and address on a movie ticket will allow all of your wedding guests to know what to expect. They will be intrigued and excited to celebrate your marriage with you.

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You can also plan your food according to the movie theme. An option that many cinema fans go for is planning popcorn and candy as a part of the wedding food. However, you can also plan it on theme to the film of choice. For instance, if you wanted to have a Game of Thrones themed reception, you could serve ribs or oysters with lemon cakes!

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The cake is another easy way to get your theme across. You could have a baker design the cake specifically to fit your theme. This treat would be delicious and creative! This cake was inspired by The Little Mermaid captures the essence of the film and integrates it with the romance of the occasion.

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The centerpieces give you a lot of freedom to get creative. Film reels make a great addition to centerpieces. You could also pick your flowers based on the region that the movie was filmed or off of specific scenes in the movie itself.

A wedding can be made especially special and unique by the addition of a movie theme. So many of the big questions are easier to decide if you have something you are basing it off of. Not to mention, the ceremonies are extremely magical and unique because of the amazing influences from your favorite films.
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