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           The rain begins to pour, and the camera focuses on the couple sitting on a park bench. Just as they lock eyes, “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis comes on creating the perfect moment. Just as movies use music in order to convey more feeling behind a scene, a wedding ceremony and especially a reception are driven by music as well. It’s easy to hire a DJ or a live band but we often get caught up on the flowers, the cake; and the invitations, that we forget about the music. If your family happens to be of one cultural background and your spouses of another, how on earth are you to integrate both into the big day?

           It’s quite simple actually. You see, it all comes down to planning. Culture has a big say in what music we listen to, especially in terms of language. You must also keep in mind the different age groups that are attending. By no means are you to play nursery rhymes for the flower girl or the ring bearer, but maybe play a little 80’s music, that salsa song your abuela loves so much, or that Elvis song that your grandpa dedicated to your nana. We often forget that our grandparents, our parents and our nieces and nephews have very different taste in music, and if we want our guests to dance, we must also think of them too.
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           For those brides to be who love making lists and go the whole nine yards as to using different colored pens and highlighters for things of greater importance, then maybe making a list of songs before the big day is something you might be into. For the bride whose mother takes over, they might know what music your grandparents like more than you do. Have them give you a few songs to add to your playlist. Now, for the bride who has way too much on their plate, hates making lists and deep down is a little bit done with planning, then maybe hire a DJ and have him take song requests from the guests. Regardless of what your choice may be, including a mix of different genres is guaranteed to get the party going.

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           Maybe you are Hispanic and love Daddy Yankee and your hubby loves country and Jason Aldean; Marriage is about compromise, right? So, start by agreeing on the music. From Arabic music, Chinese, and rock and roll, all the way to classical music, there is a few music choices you might be looking to incorporate into your big day. Whatever it may be, you can rest easy knowing that your grandpa who says the music nowadays is “just noise” can have songs to dance to as well. So, don’t forget about your abuela, nana, grand-mère or little brother and when it comes to music, do the following:

  1. Make a list of songs that the person in charge of the music can play along the way
  2. Ask family members about their favorite songs
  3. Create a Spotify playlist with your favorite jams (this option is helpful seeing as of how songs are already grouped into albums based on certain decades, genres, etc.)
  4. Hire a DJ that takes song requests from the guests

As the night comes to a close, and the lights begin to dim, your favorite song comes on and you can’t help but think, “best wedding ever.”

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