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There are endless options beyond the traditional wedding cake to serve a sweet treat at your wedding reception. In these numerous options, there is the opportunity to not only customize with flavor but with decoration as well. These different types of desserts can serve as an integral tool in tying your chosen theme into your wedding.


Photo via Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Wedding cupcakes are a great way to incorporate variety in areas, such as flavor and decor, without compromising your budget. Often times, cupcakes serve as a more cost-effective option than a traditional cake. Additionally, cupcakes are easy to handle, so if your wedding puts your guests in active roles, such as participating in lawn games, they can easily grab a cupcake without having to worry about finding utensils or a plate.  In Athens, you can easily get cupcakes from vendors such as Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Baked Goods


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The umbrella of baked goods encompasses an array of treats. If you have a morning or midday wedding, baked goods could be a good option to incorporate a dessert that isn’t too heavy. For example, if you have a morning wedding you could offer goods such as donuts or muffins. These options offer your guests something sweet without being overwhelmingly sweet too early in the morning. Furthermore, baked goods could be used to further your wedding theme. If you have a French themed wedding, you could serve desserts such as macarons or canale to make the theme feel comprehensive. Ike and Jane can help you immensely in the baked good department.

Seasonal Treats


Photo via Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Seasons play a large factor in your wedding planning. They can determine things such as whether your wedding is inside or outside or wedding colors. They can also determine things like the food you serve. If your wedding takes place in the fall, you could serve desserts such as pumpkin pie or apple pie.

Bite-Sized Desserts
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Photo via Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Bite-sized desserts offer another area in which variety can be incorporated. You could offer a variety of different types of sweets such as brownies, lemon bars or red velvet cake. If you choose to stick to one baked good, such as pie, you could offer a range of flavors within the pie category. Offering bite-size treats is a great way to cater to an assortment of tastes that you may find among your guests.

There are many ways to go beyond the traditional wedding cake that we have all come to know. You can make these desserts anything that you want them to be and adapt to the values you most closely align with, whether that be cost efficiency or flavor variety. Because these desserts are a reflection of your unique tastes, you have the opportunity to share your diverse preferences with your guest list.

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