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You’ve planned your whole wedding and finally have that weight lifted off your shoulders, but you feel there is something important missing. Maybe it’s your final sendoff from the wedding!  Although there may be many parts of your wedding that you feel are more important, you can’t forget the last time people will see you before you ride off into married bliss. Having a special and memorable send-off from your wedding can also be symbolic in many ways. The way you leave can represent exiting your single life and entering a new married life with your spouse. With so many different options to choose from, coming to a final decision for how you will leave your wedding can be challenging. Whether you want a fun exit from the actual ceremony or a final grand exit from the reception, this post will provide several cute ideas and why they are perfect for leaving any wedding!

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One way to leave your wedding or reception in a fun and traditional way is with confetti poppers.  Have someone hand out confetti poppers to your guests on the way out so you can walk through a fun, colorful confetti waterfall. Confetti poppers are a cheap and easy way to leave your wedding, although you’ll probably want to make sure there’s a confetti clean-up crew to go behind you.

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Another beautiful and classy way to exit your wedding is with lavender confetti.  Not only does lavender have a beautiful shade of purple that will be cascading around you, but it smells lovely and is sure to please all your wedding guests. This is also easy and inexpensive to hand out to the guests either at the end of the ceremony or the reception.

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For all the diehard UGA fans out there (especially our Athens people), a cute way to show your love for the Dawgs is by having guests wave red and black pom-poms as you make your grand exit from the wedding.  This idea is simple, inexpensive, and perfect for any Athens wedding or University of Georgia couple. This can also be very sweet and sentimental for couples who met in college and want to bring a bit of their past into their future.

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If you are looking for a more traditional exit strategy you can always have guests toss rice at your wedding.  This adds a fun vintage flair to your wedding exit, it’s fun for guests to toss and is always a classy and simple choice.  If you do decide to do this be aware that you may have to shake off a lot of rice before getting into your getaway car. It can be messy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

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After planning how you want to walk out from your wedding, don’t forget your final exit into matrimony.  Plan to exit in a cute vintage car or even a convertible if the weather allows. Have everyone stand outside as you make your grand exit and say your goodbyes to loved ones before riding off with the man or woman of your dreams!

Hopefully these ideas should give you a great starting point for your big wedding exit, but if you are looking for more inspiration be sure to read our other post, How to Leave Your Athens, GA Wedding in Style!
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