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Your wedding day is a long, busy and wonderful day. It starts early in the morning with hair, makeup, and pictures. Next is the ceremony, then off to the reception for cake and dancing. After it’s all said and done, your guests and loved ones line up to send you off into your new life as a couple. This send off is an important part in any wedding and makes for a great photo op. Whether you’re traditional, quirky or modern, there is an option for every type of bride. End your wedding day with one last picture and make it one to remember with an awesome exit!

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Throwing rice over the bride and groom is a century old tradition. This send off is the most widely recognizable and used by the more traditional couple. Rice throwing originated as a symbolization of rain. Rain represents good fortune, well-being and even fertility. This is a great option for not only the more conventional bride, but also the superstitious bride. If you like this idea but are worried about leaving a mess, have your guests throw birdseed instead. This still gives the rain effect, and leaves a treat for the feathered clean-up crew.

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A sparkler send off is one of the most popular options for the modern bride. All of the guests line up on either side of a path and light sparklers for you and your spouse to walk through. If this is more your style, make sure you get your guests the 36 inch long sparklers. Getting the standard size sparklers is a common mistake, and they tend to burn out before the bride and groom get a chance to strut through them. Having the longer length sparklers enables everyone to get theirs lit and ensures there is enough time for the happy couple to walk through and capture the special moment with a picture before they burn out.  

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Another great way for your guests to send you off as a married couple is blowing bubbles. Some venues do not allow sparklers or rice, so bubbles are the perfect alternative. If you want to add a quirky twist on the traditional exit , blowing bubbles is the option for you. Bubbles also reflect light from the surrounding areas, creating a beautiful glimmer floating in the air. This adds a unique feature to your final wedding pictures.

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Classic Cars and Limousines

After your walk through rice, sparklers or bubbles, consider driving off in a classic car. This is the perfect way to incorporate a vintage panache to your wedding day. If you prefer a fancier exit, rent a limo for you and your spouse to enjoy. For your Athens, GA wedding, consider renting through Stephens Limousine Service. They offer great options, including the car pictured above, for any bride and groom.  

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Horse and Carriage

If vintage cars and limousines aren’t quite your style, load up in a horse and carriage. This is the ideal option for a picture perfect start to your happily ever after. This can be a more pricey exit but is sure to be worth it in the end. If this how you want to leave your Athens, GA wedding in style, contact rental services such as Back When Carriages, or Always Remember Carriage Company to create a lasting memory that you will cherish forever.

From rice, sparklers and bubbles to vintage cars, limousines and horse drawn carriages, there are many different options to bid your guests goodbye. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s the perfect choice to reflect both you and your spouse’s personality and to give you a great picture!


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