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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage, but what if the baby carriage came second? As a bride to be, the thought of being any months pregnant on the big day is even more hectic than the wedding arrangements themselves. Now you have to think about a fitting closer to the date due to the belly growing, the nausea that comes in the first couple of months, whether wearing heels will make your feet hurt more than usual and God knows how many other things. The important thing to remember is that you are not the first, nor will you be the last pregnant bride to be, and that’s nothing to worry about!  For years many women have had to endure planning a wedding and at the same time painting the nursery and baby proofing the house. It’s not a secret that we women are expert multitaskers and fierce warriors, but here are a few tips on how to make your wedding day just a tad more bearable.

The dress

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A dress that is fitted in the bust area with  loose fabric in the stomach area will accentuate any belly in a positive way. This option is good because the belly area is taken care of, whether you are 4 or 8 months pregnant. Also, the loose, flowy fabric allows for a little more leeway when it comes to fitting. The bust area might need to be adjusted, as your body continues to change , but this is just one simple fix rather than multiple for any other style.

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This ballgown style acts as a sort of illusion for the belly underneath. The use of lots of fabric from the bust area down gives the illusion of high volume, not from a growing belly, but rather from the layers of fabric. It is an intentional added “oomph” to the dress rather than any volume added by the accentuated belly.

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The fitted wedding dress is a little riskier when it comes to the perfect fit on your big day. Seeing as how the fabric is to fit like a glove and hug the belly rather than accentuate it, more than two fittings are advised. If at any point in the fitting, a mock belly can be put on the bride in order to estimate how big the belly will be at the time of the wedding, then this would be the best choice. If this is the style you want, know that it will take a little more commitment but in the end, it will be worth it and you will look beautiful.


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A natural method for nausea is ginger. Dash a little ginger juice on your morning smoothie, sip on some ginger tea to help reduce an upset stomach, even add ginger jam to your biscuits in the morning. Studies show that this method is safe for pregnant women yet should be limited if you’re prone to low blood pressure or if you’re taking blood thinners. Another method is peppermint in the forms of aromatherapy or tea. The last method is Vitamin B6. This last one should be discussed with your primary care doctor prior for details about how and how much you should take.


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Us women know the pain of walking in a pair of  high heels. Now, imagine being pregnant and wearing heels. It’s worse, a lot worse. For the big day, it is advised that you wear flats in order to reduce achy feet and back pain. If you are set  on wearing heels, it may be better to opt for a wedge rather than a stiletto. Also, make sure the platform is stable and not wobbly. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re going to fall, especially while walking down the aisle!

For those whose lives pan out differently than expected  and soon have to add being pregnant to the to-do list, don’t sweat it! Think of it as two blessings at once: an awesome wedding and a little blessing. Congrats bride and momma to be. We hope these tips are useful.

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