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As the guest, we might not think twice about the food being served but rather the ceremony and the party itself, but as the wedding party, food is an essential factor that goes into the success of the big day. Whether it be something simple like appetizers or complex like the entre, the planning and options are endless. As a bride, much of the planning falls in your hands, and picking food that almost everyone at the wedding will like can be quite stressful. However, there’s no need to worry because there are several alternatives to just serving a simple plate of chicken and rice.
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Finger Food

Although it’s not a full meal, the option of finger food is a nice touch at a wedding. Whether that be macaroons in the same color as your wedding invitation, mini cucumber sandwiches, or cute cupcakes with edible pearls and fondant in the shape of a bow, your guests can satisfy part of their appetites with these small items before getting into the main course. Not only do these foods serve as a table filler, but it makes the experience of sitting down during the reception a bit more enjoyable with a tasty treat.
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Menu with 3-4 options

A good alternative to a one dish wedding dinner is a menu with 3 or 4 options. This way, the guests have a wider array of options rather than having one meal set for the entire guest list. Although practical and not as costly, a one dish wedding meal gives a higher percentage of having plates left with food on them. Having a menu with more than one option gives your guests more freedom to choose an item they might like over another. In turn, the guest will feel more satisfied with their meals rather than if they didn’t have another choice.
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A buffet is a great way to incorporate several dishes and a self-serve style at your reception. In this case, several waiters will not be needed because it’s all in the hands of the guests; from grabbing your plate, to picking the specific food you want, to taking the plate back to your table. This is also a great option because the food can be catered to your specific wants and needs. Picture this, you and your husband shared your first date, and several dates following that one, at a specific restaurant where you love their chicken parmesan. The option of getting that dish for your wedding is an offer that is almost too good to resist. The good thing about catering from a restaurant is that they already have a menu for you and you already know their cuisine. What’s more stressful than creating a menu for your wedding and not knowing who will be making the food or what it will taste like? Go the safe route and get the food you know you love, and your guests are likely to love too.

Disclaimer: Do not forget to include options for your wedding guests who are vegetarians, vegans or have any kind of food allergies. An option for a buffet seems to be the most equipped to handle these kinds of limitations. In this way, the vegans do not put any kind of meat on their plates, the vegetarian’s stock up on their favorite food, and those who have any kind of allergies can pick from the items they are able to eat.

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Photo credit: Athens Wedding photographer Blane Marable

In the end, in-between the wedding invites, the cake, and all the other little details, we might forget to place an emphasis on the dinner. Whether your wedding is of a salad, main course, dessert served by waiters kind or a buffet kind of wedding, you are guaranteed to make an impact if you remember these few things. Bon appetit!


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