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When asked what your favorite food is, more times than not, Mexican food will be one of the answers people give. Whether you and your hubby are both Latino or just one of you is, incorporating a bit of Latino flair into your wedding day is guaranteed to make the party a hot  one. Not only will it feel like home when you bite into that taco al pastor, but your family members who are Latino will thank you as well. The good thing about a Latino wedding is that the culture is so inclusive, that everyone is guaranteed to fit in. From a taco bar to the most famous margarita drink, your guests can enjoy the food whether they are Latino or not. If you’re hesitant on what to do to in order to create a wedding that is both indicative of your culture yet classy, here are a couple of tips for you.

Quick bite: Antojitos or boquitas

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To start off, small hors d’oeuvres such as mini enchiladas, taquitos, corn tamalitos, meat tamales, chalupas and sopes are guaranteed to make not only your abuelita’s mouth water, but everyone else’s too. These “bocadillos” can range from sweet to savory. In fact, having a mix of them is more likely to please every guest. It will satisfy those who prefer to eat their sweets prior to dinner or those who do not possess a sweet tooth and are more likely to reach for a taquito rather than a sweet corn tamalito. Whatever it may be, these small bites before dinner will be a delicious indication of what’s to come.

Entrée: Taco Bar

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A taco bar sounds simple, but remembering every element can be quite a challenge. To start off, you cannot forget the star of the show, the tortilla. Make sure to include both corn and flour tortillas in order to give your guests more options. Next, there are 5 different meats you can include  to be the base of your taco. These meats can range from steak to pork, all the way to chicken. Include toppings such as pico de gallo, corn, cilantro, pineapple, guacamole, diced onions, jalapeños, and anything else you might want in your taco. You can have a person behind the taco bar catering to the needs of your guests or have the option of a self-serve dinner which may speed things along a little. This taco bar is guaranteed to have your guests coming back for seconds.


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We all know of the famous margarita, but let’s not forget about Cuba’s mojitos and Brazilian caipirinhas. For those guests who prefer something a little stronger, Mexico came up with this wonderful drink by the name tequila. Have you heard of her? Although many might dread her, she might be the to-go drink for someone you know and that’s why your wedding will include her, not exclude her.

Ticket out the door: Soup-a

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Just like your grandma would feed you soup when you are sick, your wedding will feature this comfort food because if those margaritas are catching up to you, what better ending to a party than some sweet ol’ sopa? The soup options can range from the tried and true tortilla soup, sopa de mondongo, bean and chorizo soup, chicken fajita soup or even caldo de pollo (chicken noodle).

As the party begins to die down, you, your guests, and your belly will be  satisfied. No one could have asked for a better wedding and it can be easily achievable if you follow some, if not all, of these steps. Congrats again, or Felicidades!

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