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We all know the story of Cinderella. The clock strikes midnight. Cinderella proceeds to run away from her prince in what most of us nowadays know to be stilettos. Ouch! It might just be an animated film, but the thought of walking, dancing, or even running in heels for an extended period of time is just as painful in real life. Let’s say in this instance the ball is your wedding day, and you are indecisive on whether a heel is the only way to go. Well, shake those thoughts out of your head because you have several alternatives. You can always go for some cute sandals with some rhinestones or some flats with beading. Whatever it may be, heels are not your only option. 

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Keds wedding shoes

If you’re a girl who at the simple thought of heels, runs in the other direction, then these shoes are for you. We all know the famous Keds line, but you don’t know them like this. Keds has come out with a new line of shoes targeted specifically at  the brides who want to look cute but also be comfortable on their wedding day. Many times, we feel that in an effort to be comfortable, we are sacrificing the cute factor and in the end, we just end up feeling and looking…blegh. Well, not anymore. Keds wedding shoes come in a variety of styles that every bride can feel beautiful in. Whether they have glitter, rhinestones, elaborate designs, or tulle, Keds wedding shoes are fashionable and comfortable. What more could a girl want?

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We all know a summer dress with some sandals looks cute, but what about a wedding dress with sandals? Equally as cute! With this option, you might want to keep in mind the dress hemming. If you are on the shorter side and believed your dress to be the perfect length, think again. It is always advisable to wear the shoes you are going to wear on your wedding day under the dress when you are getting it hemmed. This way, you’ll avoid that dress length that is just barely above the ground and can see your toes. No bride wants awkward hemming. If you do opt for a sandal, matching the color of the details on your dress to the sandals is essential. This means that silver detailing on your dress can also be incorporated into your sandals. Who said sandals are only for the beach? Not us.

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Nothing can compare to a pair of comfy flats. We are not talking about those plain, old flats that you wear everywhere but a more stylish approach. How about a pair of white flats with silver and gold detailing? Better yet, some pearl brooch detailing! Flats are extremely versatile and can be your best friend on your wedding day. No pain, easy to dance in, but better yet…beautiful. 

 If you thought that just because Cinderella wore glass slippers you have to as well, think again. These cute and affordable options are for the girls who grew up with a fabulous sneaker collection and just want something more their style, or the girls who simply just want to be more comfortable. These options are for you. Go and marry your prince!


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