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We know that finding dresses to suit all of your bridesmaids can seem like an intimidating task with all of the different shapes, styles, silhouettes, necklines, colors, and more that are offered in most bridal shops. That’s why we have created a guide to equip you with extremely helpful hints and tips so your time spent picking bridesmaid dresses will be that much easier!

First, let’s start out with some dress vocabulary that is really important to know in order to communicate much easier what type of dress you are looking for.


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Silhouettes and Shapes

Naturally, there are quite a few different dress silhouettes and shapes you can find in any bridal dress shop, so it can be a little daunting when trying to compare all of these different types of dresses if you aren’t familiar with all of the differences. However, don’t let this alarm you as we are here to break down the most common bridesmaid dress silhouettes and shapes!

A-Line: The A-Line dress has a narrow silhouette at the top of the dress, and it gradually flares out through the hem of the skirt. This dress silhouette is timeless because it is so flattering on all body types!

Mermaid: The Mermaid dress is tight-fitting throughout the bodice and hips, but it flares out at the very bottom of the skirt, like a mermaid tail. This dress silhouette has become very popular in the last decade or so due to its modern elegance!

Sheath: The Sheath dress is a slim style that follows the natural outline of the body. This silhouette is commonly seen in business-style dresses, but it makes for a very beautiful bridesmaid dress silhouette as well!

Empire: The Empire dress, also commonly known as an “Empire Waist Dress”, has a very high waistline just below the bust. The skirt is usually quite flowy and can give this dress style a nice, formal look.

Fit and Flare: Fit and Flare dresses have a narrow top with a fitted waist and a skirt that flares out. These dresses are similar to A-Line dresses, but one key difference is that the Fit and Flare dress always has a fitted waist, whereas the A-Line dress does not. As you can imagine, this is also a very popular dress silhouette!

Short Dresses: You can also always opt for a short bridesmaid dress. These dresses are typically knee-length or above, and can be quite fun for an outdoor wedding!

Photo Credit: Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

Helpful Tips

Choose the colors ahead of time

This one is a bit of a no brainer, but if you don’t know already, you should definitely plan ahead and choose the desired colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses before you ever go shopping. This makes things much more cohesive and easy when picking dresses while sticking to the theme of your wedding preparations so far! Also, it’s important that you keep in mind how the colors you pick will look on all of your bridesmaids.

Ask yourself whether you want all of your bridesmaids to be in the same dress or in different dresses beforehand

While it has typically been commonplace for all of your bridesmaids to wear the same exact dress in the same exact color, it is very popular now for a bride to either pick a color or complementary colors and let the bridesmaids choose the style of their dress. This gives your bridesmaids the freedom to really choose something they feel comfortable wearing, which is especially important to do when dress shopping! Also, this option can provide for some very cute and trendy wedding photos.

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Consider the costs of the bridesmaid dresses

While it is your special day, it’s courteous to consider the budgets of your bridesmaids and the costs of the bridesmaid dresses that you are thinking about. Dresses can get pretty expensive, and bridesmaids pay for their own most times, so it’s always best to keep that in mind when considering different bridesmaid dresses!

Plan accordingly: Leave plenty of time to order dresses and get dresses altered

Some people may be surprised at how long it can sometimes take to get bridesmaid dresses, but if you think about it, it’s a whole long process that must be done. First, you have to actually pick all of the bridesmaid dresses. Next, you typically have to order the bridesmaid dresses and wait for them to arrive, which can sometimes take a few months for all of the dresses to arrive. Then, you and your bridesmaids need to check for any alterations that need to be made. You can see why it’s definitely not wise to wait until the last minute to get bridesmaid dresses, so be sure to plan your timeline accordingly!

There you have it: A quick guide to choosing and buying bridesmaids’ dresses! With the use of these tips, it’s sure to be smooth-sailing for you and your bridal party! If you want to know more, check out another one of our posts on choosing bridesmaids dresses here.


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