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I think we all remember when we first saw our moms, grandmas or aunts putting makeup on their faces. A magical moment indeed. A little blush here, a little mascara there and they turned into looking like  princesses with golden eyelids and perfectly lined pink lips. Well, now it’s your turn and you are hesitant on whether your makeup skills are adequate enough or if you should hire someone for your wedding day. Well, some of us might have sufficient funds to hire a professional makeup artist, but for those of us who don’t, here are a few tips and tricks that’ll keep you looking like the princess you are for your big day.


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Many might skip this step, and some do not even know what it is. Well, primer is a key element into getting your makeup to look smooth and not like melted frosting on a sad lonely cupcake. If you have an oily t-zone and nose area, then a mattifying primer might be a product you should look to invest in. If you have dry patches here and there, then a hydrating primer is the product for you. Of course, we all know about pores; oh pores. Well, they’re really no problem! There are  primers designed to fill in your pores so at the time of applying your foundation or BB cream, it goes on a smooth canvas rather than settling into the tiny holes and crevices in your skin. Now, onto the next step.

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Foundation/ BB cream/ concealer

If you have uneven skin, ~hellooooo~ here is your solution! For the girls who opt for a more natural look, BB cream or a tinted moisturizer will be sufficient coverage.  If you are a full coverage queen, then you might look to invest in a full coverage foundation. Note, both of these products usually contain SPF and finding your shade is quite simple. Always remember to match the color to your neck and not your face, seeing as how our faces are often times paler than the rest of our bodies. There are several drugstore options such as the Wet and Wild photo focus foundation and there are higher-end options such as the infamous Tarte Shape Tape foundation. These brands also offer matching concealers. Note, concealer is to be worn on your under eyes, chin, and forehead to brighten the area and add a little bit of additional coverage.

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Now that everything is one color, we need to carve those cheek bones, honey. Bronzing and contouring are known for their ability to sculpt your face however you want. Want to make your nose look slimmer? Draw two parallel lines starting from the bridge of your nose to the tip. Of course, you must never forget to blend afterwards. Cheekbones? Pucker your lips like a fish and take the bronzer from the top of your temple to the middle of your cheek, and again, blend! Note, be sure to not take the bronzer too low or you’ll risk looking muddy instead of sculpted. Lastly, in order to make your cheeks look nice and rosy, add blush!

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Set it and forget it

This step is crucial in making your makeup last all day and having it not melt off your face. Invest in a good setting powder, whether it be drugstore or high end. Note, the more finely milled the powder is, the better it sets so it will not feel so heavy and dense on your face. Also remember to get one with a slight tint to it, not white, because white setting powders equal flashback in photos. You’ll thank me later.


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Before applying eyeshadow, you’ll want to prime your lids with an eyeshadow primer or simply take some of that concealer and blend it into your lids before setting it with some powder. Then, you can either choose a colorful eye or opt for a more gold, shimmery natural look. Normally, the shimmer-gold color goes all over the lid and then a brown or darker shade goes in the outer V of your eye to create dimension. Let’s not forget about the waterline! Lines lines lines; they’re important! You can choose a colorful eyeshadow for this area for a little pop of color or go with the tried and true, black liner.

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Highlight to the Gods

A step many are not aware of, yet so important, is highlighting. If you want a glow that looks like the heavens have come to earth just to sprinkle your cheeks with a little light, then highlighter is your new best friend. Pop a little in the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes look more open and awake. Pop some on the temples of your cheeks so when the light reflects off them, you will literally be glowing. The fairy dust of makeup, the last step, the sprinkles on top of the cupcake: highlighter.

 Whether you are a bride who is attempting to do her own wedding makeup look, have a cousin doing it, or have hired a professional makeup artist, these steps are fundamental in every girl’s makeup routine. Go shine on your wedding day girl!


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