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Picture this, you are walking down the aisle in a beautiful gown that, although is picture perfect, weighs a lot more than you imagined it would. Now, picture this, you have taken your pictures with your new husband and wedding party and simply can not imagine dancing the night away in all that tulle. Well,  a second dress or outfit might be the right fit for you…pun intended. We all know the struggle of stepping on our dress cause they’re too long or have too much fabric on them. God knows it happens with maxi dresses, and these are usually made of thin fabric; just imagine a wedding dress! If you are a girl that likes to shake it all off, a shorter dress with a little more leg room can be the answer to your prayers.

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Boho style 

If you decide to opt for a boho style dress, you are bound to steal the show with the various eye-catching details these dresses usually have. These details could include different types of beading, as well as textures, ruffles, or maybe a flowy sleeve. These dresses are usually made of lighter, breathable fabrics that are perfect for the bride who plans to dance the night away in style. Also, they are super cute! Who doesn’t like that?

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Fitted style

It’s been a while since you showed off that rocking bod, and what better day to do so than your wedding day? A fitted dress can be the dress for you in a crisp white, pearl, or even eggshell. This style hugs your body and accentuates your curves. This style of dress can be simple and elegant or sexy and eye-catching. Whatever you opt for on your wedding day, remember that just because a dress might be simple does not mean it is boring; sometimes it means it’s more sophisticated. Also, you are able to dress it up with a pair of show stopping earrings, a cute necklace, or some extravagant shoes! 

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Long and flowy

This style is beautiful when executed correctly. There needs to be the right amount of fabric for such a dress to shine. If the dress has too little fabric, then it may fall flat and if it has too much, you risk it looking more like a gown rather than a wedding reception dress. When done correctly, this dress is graceful and refined and will be flowing beautifully as you move across the dance floor!

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Bold jumpsuit

Who said it had to be all dresses? For the bride-to-be who wants to opt for something riskier and dare I say groovy, a jumpsuit such as this can be just the right amount of fabric and the right amount of poise. The jumpsuit gives more versatility in terms of movement. The legs are free ranging and instead of having a dress that rides up with every step, this jumpsuit will never fail you in terms of comfort. Not only this, but a jumpsuit with a strong hip line and a straight cut on the leg can give the illusion of elongated legs.

You’re comfortable, you’re stylish and you danced the night away just like you wanted to. That outfit change isn’t looking like such a bad idea after all now, is it?

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