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 Your girls are the best, and we get that; but how great would it be to include boys too? We have long lived in an era where the bridal shower is all girls and the pink chiffon on the table has maybe become  a bit too much. For once you would like to have more than just pink mimosas and champagne. If you’re the kind of girl who wants to have your hubby celebrating with you, or if your friend group consists of mostly guys, then a wedding shower can be the right fit for you. Just as the word says, a wedding shower is generally more inclusive, and a bridal shower mainly includes just the bridal party. With wedding showers including both men and women, they can be all around more fun! We all know we could use Steve’s love for animals as a buffer between Caitlyn and her talk about her cats. These and many other reasons are why wedding showers are the new trend, but how do we go about making the party appealing to both men and women? Let’s find out!

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You do not have to give up any of your feminine elements in an effort to appeal to the men, but a little neutrality wouldn’t hurt. 

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Start off simple with including alcoholic beverages that appeal to men such as some good ol’ beer. Keep some liquor as well, such as rum and vodka. Not only do the men like these, but some of the girls’ cocktails include some of this liquor as well. If not, just remember those famous vodka cranberries you and your girlfriends love so much. 

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Make the games gender neutral. Meaning, do not make the games super girly where  all the men in the room will feel uncomfortable. A great game is “who is more likely.” In this game, all the players will have two cards to hold up, the bride and groom cards. The coordinator will ask questions such as, “who is more likely to cry during a chick flick?” The players then have to raise the card of who they think is more likely and the bride and groom will decide who gets the point or not. At the end, the winners get prizes, so make sure those are inclusive as well.


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Include foods that Jim, from college, will like, and your best girl friend as well. In order to save everyone some time and make the environment  more interactive, think about having a buffet with a variety of foods. I’m not here to tell you what your menu can be but if you’re a vegetarian, most times than not, your hubby’s friends most likely won’t want a veggie burger. Although this does require a little more planning, the result will be a fun environment where both men and women can coincide with each other. Who doesn’t want their husbands’ friends to like them? Maybe even go as far as saying: WOW Julianne has such great taste in food, Haden won the jackpot. So, if you’re planning a wedding shower remember these simple tips:

  1.   Include both feminine and masculine elements in your décor
  2.   Include alcoholic beverages that appeal to men and women
  3.   Make games that are fun to play whether you are a girl or a boy
  4.   Include foods that the guys and gals are guaranteed to love

Fun times are ahead of you. Enjoy it!


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