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When anyone thinks of a wedding, their immediate thought is most often about the cake (or at least mine is, right!?). There are many aspects of a great wedding cake such as flavor, decorations, size, etc. These factors can easily make or break a wedding cake so it is important to choose wisely when deciding on a cake. If you are not an expert in the baking area, it may be hard to decide where to begin with your decision-making process, but also extremely fun for you and your future spouse! With the right bakery or cake designer, you can end up with a cake that will be the talk of the town. Below I have researched some crucial tips to help you create the perfect wedding cake.

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Choosing the Flavor

When choosing a flavor for your cake, take some time to brainstorm ideas with your fiance to decide which flavors you like. Make a list of possible choices and try to narrow down to a few before you talk to possible bakeries about making your cake. When talking to bakers about your cake, tell them your favorite flavor choices. If you are torn or can’t agree on a flavor, bakers are experts in this area so they can help you choose a perfect and delicious flavor that you’ll both be happy with.

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Choosing the Bakery

Choosing a bakery can be overwhelming, but, thanks to social media, you can usually search a bakery online and find tons of reviews and pictures of their cakes. Websites like Yelp are great for exploring reviews on bakeries to make this decision easier on you. Another great way to find the best bakery is by paying attention to cakes at other weddings you have been to. If you have recently attended a wedding and fell in love with the cake, it’s so simple to contact the couple and ask who made it. This is an easy shortcut that takes out a lot of time out of doing research.

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Cake Tastings

Cake tastings are super important but also SO fun. After reading the reviews on different bakeries or talking to other couples, it’s time to schedule a cake tasting. Cake tastings are great because you can try several flavors ahead of time and if you end up not liking any, it’s not too late to try a different bakery. Cake tastings can also help you and your future spouse make a decision if you are having a hard time agreeing on one. Cake tastings are also a fun break from the stressful parts of wedding planning, so remember to have fun with it!

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Cake Decor

Choosing a cake decor should have a lot to do with the theme of your wedding. You may love the look of a certain wedding cake, but this look may not aesthetically agree with the rest of your wedding. It is smart to wait until you’ve planned the entire decor of your wedding to begin looking at cake styles. Once you have done this you can go online and save pictures of cakes you like and colors that would go with the color scheme of your wedding. Showing the pictures to your bakery will help the people making the cake to get a feel for what you want with your cake’s decoration.

All of these tips will make choosing your wedding cake much easier for you and your spouse.  When choosing the final cake don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the time spent with your fiance. After all, no one can be sad while eating cake! For more wedding inspiration, view our other posts on weddingsinathens.com, and to find reputable bakeries in Athens, click here!


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