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Having the perfect wedding starts with finding the perfect venue. To find that perfect place, you must begin by understanding what kind of couple you and your fiance are, and where you two would be the happiest and most comfortable for your big day. Luckily, Athens, GA has a variety of beautiful and accommodating venues for all types of couples. Of course, there are pros and cons to each type of venue, so follow this guide to help you decide on the location to start your happily ever after. 

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For the religious couple, a church wedding is a no brainer and Athens, GA has a variety of different churches for your specific religion. There are very few cons to an elegant church wedding, but there are some stipulations that any couple should be aware of. Depending on the church you choose, a dress code could be implemented for the bride and groom, as well as the wedding party. It’s also possible that the church may only host weddings during specific times of the day, limit the use of “getting ready” facilities or only allow previously approved music. However, all of these stipulations are manageable and worth it for the traditional-style couple. After all, there’s no better place to bring two people together in marriage under God. If this is the choice for you, consider Athens First United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church of Athens, or St. Joseph Catholic Church. For the Athens loving non-denominational couple, The Day Chapel located in the UGA Botanical Gardens is the ideal location for your church wedding. 

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Hotels are a one-stop-shop location for your wedding weekend. The rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception can all be held at any of the different Athens, GA hotels. If you find yourself with a large number of out-of-town guests, reserving rooms for them at the hotel of your choice is the quintessential way of keeping your family, friends and wedding festivities all under the same roof. However, reserving large numbers of rooms can become difficult if they’re not reserved months in advance, and your guests likely will not be the only guests at the hotel. While hotels are certainly a convenient location for a wedding, they also can be tasteful and quite stunning. There are numerous hotels in the Athens, GA area, but a few worth mentioning are Holiday Inn, Hyatt Place and Hotel Indigo. Of course, The University of Georgia Hotel is the ideal location for the bulldog-loving wedding party. 

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An increasingly popular venue, farms, are the perfect country twist for any southern wedding. Set the ceremony in a beautiful pasture, and carry the reception in the adjacent barn as you dance the night away in your favorite pair of boots. While some farms have restroom access, most do not, so make sure you find rentable restroom facilities for your guests. Also, if the barn has a lot of hay surrounding the area, there could be potential for allergic reactions. To accommodate your guests, work with the venue to make your area is allergy-friendly. Farm weddings offer a picture-perfect venue with their lush agriculture and breathtaking sunsets. Vintage Oak Farms, Historic Smithsonia farms, Cloverleaf farms, and Fair Weather Farms are just a few options for your elegant southern wedding in Athens, GA. 

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A few other venues worth mentioning are gardens and other outdoor location options. While having your wedding outside in a garden is one of the most beautiful and flourishing venues you could choose, you run the risk of unwanted weather. However, there are ways you can work around this risk! Consider a garden venue with a just-in-case indoor option, or keep your ceremony short and sweet to limit your time under the beating sun or looming clouds. A few garden options to look into in and around Athens are Ashton Gardens, Founders Garden, and The UGA Botanical Gardens. For other outdoor venues, consider The Carl House and, of course, Herty Field. Whether you’re an outdoor, religious, southern or indoor couple, there is an option for all Athens based folks. 


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