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The wedding cake is one of the biggest parts of your wedding day. Not only is everyone going to see and admire it, but they’re also going to taste it! You may be asking “where should I begin?” when thinking about your wedding cake, but we’ve got you covered with some tips for picking out your perfect wedding cake.

Plan what you want your cake to be like in advance

It’s always a good idea to have a general idea of what you want your wedding cake to be like before you meet with any bakers for a cake tasting. By having a vision of what general look or vibe you want your cake to have along with flavor combinations you might enjoy, it will really make picking your wedding cake a lot easier! Also, if you already know what you’re looking for cake-wise, the bakery you’re using will get a much clearer picture of what you expect them to do. Therefore the bakery will most likely be able to give you a better cost estimate or add any other suggestions that might be helpful. The internet is a great resource when it comes to wedding cake inspiration because there are some seriously beautiful cakes out there!

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Intricate Cakes versus Traditional Cakes

The number one question when it comes to wedding cakes is most likely “what will the cake look like?” This is a great question because unlike in the past, there are now so many styles of wedding cakes to choose from that every couple is sure to find something that will please them! You can really split wedding cakes into two main categories: intricate cakes and traditional  cakes. The intricate cakes are cakes that would typically have multiple flavors, fillings, and a lot of decor. These cakes are usually going to cost more due to the addition of many decorative items, such as edible sugar flowers. The traditional cakes are going to typically be more subtle. But don’t think that means boring because they are far from it! In this category, you might see wedding cakes with less decor, or decor that is more cost-effective, such as fresh fruit or flowers. Another big trend in this category is naked, or unfrosted, cakes. These cakes have gained a lot of popularity lately, especially for more rustic weddings, because of their unique look! As we mentioned before, it’s wise to know which type of cake you’re looking for before you choose a bakery or someone to make your wedding cake. Many bakeries specialize in a specific style, so it can be helpful to know which style you want while searching for a bakery!

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Consider size of cake and number of guests

Most bakeries charge per slice for wedding cakes, so you should know beforehand how many guests, or at least an approximation of how many guests are going to be attending your wedding. By having a general knowledge of the number of guests that will be at your wedding, you don’t end up getting a cake that isn’t big enough to feed all of your guests, or so you don’t end up getting a cake that is way too big and you have too much leftover! Needless to say, choosing the correct size cake for your number of guests is really important.


One thing you should definitely consider when choosing your wedding cake is your personal budget. While it’s really easy to start picking all of these flavors, fillings, and extra decor, remember that all of these decisions will begin to add up! Instead, prioritize which things you and your significant other really want to be a part of your wedding cake. For example, if you know that your fiancé really wants a specific filling and you want a certain type of decoration on the cake, be sure to incorporate that into the budget. This way you can include all of the aspects that are important to you and your significant other in your wedding cake first and foremost!

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We hope this guide is helpful for you in picking out your wedding cake! One final piece of advice, don’t forget to have fun when choosing all of the aspects of your cake. It’s a really fun part of every wedding ceremony, so make the process enjoyable with your significant other to  really make the wedding cake choosing process a memorable event!


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