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The first dance is an incredibly important and special part of every wedding. The wedding day can be hectic and busy for the newly married couple. Between spending time with guests, taking pictures and making sure the day is going smoothly, couples may find that they don’t have much time to enjoy their special day together. The first dance gives them an opportunity to connect, take everything in and just be as one on their big day. The first dance song is equally as important as the dance itself. Couples should choose a first dance song that represents the two of them and their love. It can be a song that’s special to the couple, a new song, an old song, a fast song or a slow song. The possibilities are endless, which can make it difficult to choose just one. That’s where we come in!  Below are some great contenders that are beautiful and romantic and could be the perfect first dance song for your wedding! 


1. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Julio Iglesias

Why it’s great: There are so many beautiful variations of this classic first dance song. I love the Julio Iglesias version especially because his soulful voice brings so much heart and feeling to the song, and we want everyone in their feels on our big day!. 

Notable lyrics: “Like a river flows surely to the sea, darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be…”

2. All of Me by John Legend

Why it’s great: Written by love song expert John Legend before his wedding with Chrissy Teigen, this song’s lyrics are seriously so sweet. Who doesn’t want a partner who will love and accept them even with all of their flaws? 

Notable lyrics: “You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose, I’m winning, ‘cause I give you all of me and you give me all of you…”

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3. This I Promise You by *NSYNC

Why it’s great: This *NSYNC song will remind any couple of the vows they took. The promises in this song are sweet and soulful and really connect to your wedding day.

Notable lyrics: “I give you my word, I give you my heart, this is a battle we’ve won, and with vow, forever has now begun…”

4. Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart

Why it’s great: This song is another first dance classic. Its lyrics are a beautiful reminder to any couple of the reasons why they fell in love in the first place. 

Notable lyrics: “Take away all my sadness, fill my life with gladness, ease my troubles, that’s what you do…”

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5. From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay

Why it’s great: Dan + Shay are skilled at writing touch love songs. This song looks to the future and reminds the couple of the amazing life they will build together. 

Notable lyrics: “This life will go by in the blink of an eye, but I wouldn’t wanna spend it without you by my side, the clouds are gonna roll, the earth’s gonna shake, but I’ll be your shelter through the wind and the rain…”

6. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

Why it’s great: These days, Justin Timberlake is better known for songs that make you want to get up and dance, but this song is an amazing change of pace for him. This song was written for his wife, but it’s a reflection of the love every couple shares. 

Notable lyrics: “‘Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul, I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go…”

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7. Then by Brad Paisley

Why it’s great: This Brad Paisley song is a country first dance classic. It tells the story of any couple’s past, present and future. The lyrics are truly special. 

Notable lyrics: “And now you’re my whole life, now you’re my whole world, I just can’t believe the way I feel about you…”

8. You’re the Inspiration by Chicago

Why it’s great: This Chicago song is a testament to the way the couple makes each other feel. Who doesn’t want to be an inspiration to their soulmate? 

Notable lyrics: “You know our love was meant to be, the kind of love that lasts forever, and I want you here with me, from tonight until the end of time…”

Photo by The Coordinated Bride

9. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Why it’s great: Ed Sheeran writes beautiful love songs and this one is no exception. The lyrics will remind any couple of why they first fell in love and make them excited to grow old together, too.

Notable lyrics: “We’re still kids, but we’re so in love fighting against all odds, I know we’ll be alright this time, darling just hold my hand…”

10. All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo

Why it’s great: To close out the list, we have this K-Ci & JoJo classic. These lyrics speak volumes, especially for a couple that may have had to wait a little bit longer to find each other. This song is a great reminder that true love is worth the wait. 

Notable lyrics: “And all my life, I’ve prayed for someone like you and I thank God that I finally found you…”


Now it’s time for you to find your perfect first dance song!


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