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Every bride looks forward to her bachelorette party. Planning a wedding can definitely take a toll on a bride and after months of stressful planning and preparation, the bachelorette party is a chance for her to let loose, relax and enjoy herself with her girls. Although sometimes, even a party isn’t enough to help a bride de-stress. Bachelorette trips have become increasingly popular lately. Why have just one fun night when you could have an entire weekend or even an entire week? But like weddings, bachelorette trips can get very costly very quickly. Below are some tips every bride and her tribe can use to keep their bachelorette trip budget in check.

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Tip #1: Plan ahead

Last-minute trips are always more expensive. Planning your trip as early in advance as possible can save you a lot of money. Travel and accomodations can be significantly cheaper if booked a few months in advance as opposed to a month or two in advance. Finalize the guest list early and set deadlines for payments to make sure that everything is in order before your trip arrives. 

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Tip #2: Ask about group discounts

Many hotels and restaurants offer discounts for large groups. Call in advance to see what kind of deals they can offer you and your group, and make sure to mention the occasion! Venues love to host special events and many of them will offer you some special incentives for choosing to celebrate with them. 

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Tip #3: Look into alternative travel options

Unless your bachelorette trip is out of the country, flying is not the only option for traveling to your destination. Using an alternative travel option can save you some serious cash. Instead of having each bridesmaid pay for a plane ticket, consider driving to your destination or renting a limo so you can arrive in style. Splitting the cost of driving can make your travel to your destination significantly cheaper for each person going. 

Tip #4: Travel in the shoulder season or off-season

Traveling during peak season will always cost more. Peak season runs from June to August, shoulder season runs from April to June and September to October, and off-season runs from November to March. Going on your trip during shoulder season or off-season is a great idea! Planning your trip during a time when less people are traveling means that you can save a lot on your travel and accommodations. 

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Tip #5: Add free (but still fun!) activities to your itinerary

Traveling to your destination is only half the battle. Planning entertaining activities for the group to do during the trip is equally as important, but all the fun can add up quickly! Adding some free or low-cost activities to the itinerary can help offset costs for the trip. Go for a hike on a gorgeous mountain, make up a scavenger hunt around the city, or visit a cool museum. Activities like these will keep you occupied while still helping you keep your budget under control.


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