Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Blane Marable 

Deciding what to wear in your engagement photoshoot is the most important thing you’ll decide during your engagement, right? Well, maybe for some, but for others, it’s just a regular photoshoot with their man. Either way, you’ll more than likely keep these photos forever so you may as well put some thoughts into your outfits so you’ll be sure to love your photos! As the weather and seasons will mainly do their jobs in determining what you wear on the day of your photoshoot, there is one thing that you should always consider above all. Always choose an outfit that you feel confident and beautiful in. Nobody wants to feel insecure in their engagement photos so always go with something that makes you feel like you! Besides, if you love it, I’m sure your man will love it also! Below I’ve listed five different and versatile outfit choices that work well for engagement photos! 

All White 

What says “Hello, I’m the bride!” more than a classic, all white dress? It’s simple, elegant, and you honestly just can’t go wrong with this option. Whether it’s hot or cold, spring or winter, it’s easy to transition a white dress by just wearing it as is or throwing on a sweater when it gets colder outside. 

Photo by Wedding Photographer Steffani Jones 

Floral Print 

If you’re going for that girly, flirty look then throw on your favorite floral dress! I know you’ve got one! Floral dresses look great when your man wears a plain colored tee to really show off the colors. Don’t shy away from this patterned look as you might think there’s too much going on, I can promise you, there’s not! 

Photo by Photographer Anna Bailey 

Casual Chic

Not a dress girl? This look is perfect for you! Who knew a graphic tee could look so stylish? Pair your favorite graphic tee with a plaid mini skirt and some cheetah heels and you’re set! Again, don’t be afraid to rock the patterned look because in most cases, the photos turn out looking great! 

Photo by Wedding Photographer Haley Rynn Ringo

Cozy Sweaters 

A little cold weather never hurt anybody! To give your photos an extra cozy feel bring out the chunky sweaters for the chilly weather. Sweaters are so versatile and can be layered over dresses, skirts, and even jeans. You can also dress them up or down and pretty much choose any color sweater you want! 

Photo by Athens Wedding Photographer Danielle Hulsey 

Bright Solids 

If you’re looking for something with a little extra pop in your photos then wearing something solid that’s a bright color is perfect for the occasion! You can wear a dress, shirt, skirt, pants, or whatever your heart desires! Bright colors always look exceptionally well in photos because you’re sure to stand out. Try picking colors that accentuate your eyes, skin tone, or hair that you know look great on you! 

Photo by Wedding Photographer Danielle Hulsey 

I hope this gave you some ideas on what to wear for your engagement shoot coming up! With so much fashion inspiration today it can be hard to narrow it down. Remember to stay true to your own style and be yourself and let the photos do the rest of work! This is only a glimpse of what the cameras will feel like on your actual wedding day so enjoy this time with your partner and work that camera, girl! 


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