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            Picking the perfect wedding planner is one of the most important decisions you can make, so you want someone you can trust, who will take the time to understand your vision and help make it come to life. Hannah Guest is the type of wedding planner who is devoted to helping your dream wedding become an attainable reality. Hannah is a University of Georgia graduate and has worked on weddings in the Athens area since 2014. Her interest in weddings grew from her desire to have a career in hospitality, and she explored the wedding industry while working as a Venue Manager at Historic Smithonia Farm. She loves being a part of a couple’s special day and her experience at Historic Smithonia Farm gave her a unique view on weddings, wedding planning, and how to best make visions come to life. What impresses me the most about Hannah is the dedication she has to her passions. She was working full-time as a Venue Manager and finishing her master’s degree when she started her own business – Your Best Guest

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Originally, her business was coordination only, but Hannah wanted to strive for more. She is an incredibly creative person and decided to utilize those skills in her business. She now offers in-house floral design services and collects vintage, boutique pieces to rent to clients. These two services, in particular, stand out and show that Hannah is invested in your wedding planning process from beginning to end. In addition to stunning floral designs and exceptional décor rentals, Your Best Guest also offers detailed event planning, stunning product styling, essential day-of planning, and timeline logistics. Hannah added all of these services to make sure that her clients are taken care of when it comes to both planning and designing a wedding. 

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Hannah is the type of wedding planner you want–no, NEED– because she takes the time to genuinely realize your vision, get to know your personal style, and understand your relationship with your fiancé. She even described herself as a “secret investigator digging through Pinterest Boards” to try and make your dream wedding a reality. This level of personalization and dedication is vital in a good wedding planner. You want someone who is just as invested in your big day as you are, and you can rest easy knowing that Hannah will be. After her initial consultation with a client, Hannah takes them on venue tours to get a feel for the layout and party flow. As both a planner and designer, Hannah is able to design both the logistics of the wedding but also plan the overall costs of the wedding designed. In this way, Hannah ensures that your dream wedding stays within your budget and still takes your breath away. 

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I had the opportunity to ask Hannah a few questions about her business and learn a bit more about what makes her business unique.

What have you learned? 

“I have learned that the Bridal Previews we offer our clients is where EVERYTHING comes together. We allow our clients to come to our showroom 1 – 3 months before their big day and we go through their estimate and show the actual look they will have on their day. It is so fulfilling to see our clients pick up our pieces and decide exactly what they want. I always tell our clients that on the big day, there are 100,000 other things that take your focus away from the design aspects for their wedding, so our design, Bridal Preview meetings are the perfect way for our clients to really understand what they are getting and feel confident in the overall design of their big day.” 


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Why do brides choose you and your services? 

“I believe our clients choose us because I genuinely have compassion for each and every client that comes through our doors. I take the time to personally meet with them and try my hardest to go above and beyond for them by lending a hand to them whenever they need it. Wedding planning is no easy task and because I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years, it comes as second nature to me. I do extra things for each client to ensure they are comfortable through the planning process, their wedding day, and beyond.”

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What would you say to brides who don’t think they need a wedding planner?  

“Because of apps and wedding planning software, you can definitely go without a partial or full wedding planning package, however, A DAY-OF COORDINATOR IS A NECESSITY. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes and without having a day-of coordinator, you put a lot of stress and strain on yourself and your family members. Day-of coordinators are so vital to ensure your day runs smoothly.”

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What’s the most interesting thing you’ve witnessed at a wedding? 

“My very first wedding was the most memorable because it was my first big gig for the business. After our beautiful couple’s nuptials, they were taking family photos and one of the groomsmen frantically came up to me and mentioned the groom’s ring was stuck on his finger!! We ended up using Windex to get the ring off, but for the whole night, the groom did not have a ring to wear. It was such a quirky thing, but there are SO many bloopers that happen behind the scenes of weddings. I could write a book about everything from DJ’s not showing up to guests getting a little too rowdy. There’s always something humorous to witness.”

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What is your favorite part of your work? 

“Being able to look at the full process once the wedding is over and for a client to see how our very first meeting leads up to an extraordinary wedding. It is amazing what all is accomplished in the timeframe of our clients’ planning process and being a part of it is truly an honor.”

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The services that Hannah Guest offers at Your Best Guest are truly one of a kind. She will be invested in your wedding and help you achieve your vision. 


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